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 Aaron "Bugsy" Willams

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PostSubject: Aaron "Bugsy" Willams   Sat Mar 21, 2015 5:02 pm

Name: Aaron "Bugsy" Willams

Age: 19

Affiliation: Free lancer

Appearance: Bugsy took after his mother. He was 5" 6'. He was thin and lanky for his height. His had long black and slicked back hair that was about shoulder length. His glasses looked like they had taken straight out of a harry potter book. Under his glasses were dark green eyes, that at the right angle would look black. His nose was slightly crooked. He typically wore a white t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers. When he left the house he wares a dark brown hoodie with a assassin's symbol laid over a Templar cross on the right shoulder.

Personality: Bugsy is a very shy and awkward person when it comes to being around people. He likes to be alone and with his technology. When it comes to programming, he is very cocky and he believe he is one of the best. He also very smart in gerenalm but often does not like to show it.

Favorite Weapons: homemade hidden blade on his left arm and smoke grandees.

Strengths: good with his hands, stealthy, externally smart especially with technology, very good eye for detail, creative.

Weaknesses: Hard to talk to people especially at spur of the moment, his cockiness can get the best of him, extremely poor at open combat, his accuracy is weak.

Background/Biography: Aaron comes from a long line of free lancers/mercenaries. One of the most well known ones is John K. Willams. At a young age Aaron found this out about his family. Since the he has always enjoyed the idea of having the freedom of a free lancer.

Along with finding out his family past, he also found out that he had a special knack for technology. He started to take apart anything he could get his hands on and put it back together. With his parents gone so often of business trips and leaving him home alone with a nanny, this gave him something to do.

As he grow older he realize how smart he was. He was able to enter college at an early age of 16. After two years though he was kicked out, because he created a virus the made the whole campus's internet crash. That also gave him his nickname of Bugsy.

Along with being kicked out of college, his parents did not want an college drop out living in their home, so they also kicked him out. He currently lives a small apartment by himself. This increased in social awkwardness. At the moment he only lives his apartment for a job.

With no degree and no job, Bugsy decided to enter into the free lancing business. Mainly his jobs involve hacking, but every now and then he has to get his hands dirty and live his house. He has only ever killed one person. It was not a pleasant experience for him, so when he does live his apartment on a job he tries to go unnoticed.

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PostSubject: Re: Aaron "Bugsy" Willams   Sat Mar 21, 2015 5:25 pm

Me likey.


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Aaron "Bugsy" Willams
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