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 Seamus 'Boom-Boom' O'Cochlain

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PostSubject: Seamus 'Boom-Boom' O'Cochlain   Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:49 pm

Seamus O'Cochlain


Free Agent – works for the highest bidder

A stout fellow, Seamus stands little over 5'5 tall and sports fiery ginger/red hair which is shaggy and almost as if he is only out of bed as soon as you start talking to him. He has big emerald green eyes that contrast with his pale 'Irish' complexion; pale and riddled with freckles over his arms, back and chest with a few spread out over his face. Despite his tiny stature, Seamus is a very muscular individual whose build is more for raw strength rather than looks (he has large muscles all over his body, but they just aren't defined. If you look at him with clothes on he would look fat).
You can commonly see him wearing a short sleeved green and white striped t-shirt which has a large collar that is stuck up most of the time, a pair of burgundy cargo pants and heavy black steel-toe-capped boots; good for kicking a feckers head in.
Whilst on a job Seamus wears a black and white striped bandanna.

An excitable fellow, Seamus gives off an aura that he is interested in anything anyone has to say but this is actually not the case; he couldn't give a rats ass about your love of Paris, your desire for the world to read more Manga or the fact that Jack Daniels is your favourite drink... wait, no, he does care about that one.
OTHER than that, all he cares about is kicking someone's head in or blowing something – or someone – up and having a nice cold pint (or 12) at the end of a mission.

To those that don't know Seamus, at first meeting he would seem rather aggressive – someone with a major anger management issue -, but this is normally him just messing about; his way of understanding what someone is really like.
When meeting someone new who is supposed to be tagging along with him and his chosen partner he will try his darnedest to intimidate them as he quite dislikes change – he's been known to blow up a new building that he, and he alone, did not want there.

An alcoholic in his spare time, Seamus has quite a low level of concentration and can only really concentrate on exploding things up, the sounds of explosions, or discussions on alcohol or those damn dirty Northerners just up the border.

Favorite Weapons:
Bombs. Always bombs.
Anything blunt and with a longish range; baseball bats, wrenches, his fists and feet, etc.

Physically strong – As I have stated, Seamus may be small but the muscles he has hidden under the clothes he wears are not just for show; he has often over powered men that are much larger than himself.

Explosives expert – You give Seamus a target to go 'Bye-Bye' and Seamus will make it/them go out in style, all over the place.
Coming along with his Explosive smarts Seamus has a fairly good knowledge on the best way to make buildings topple, which is useful for what he is normally hired to do.

Alcoholic Tank – Despite his tendency to drink alcohol multiple times during the day, Seamus can easily out drink anyone; this is a great asset in modern times because he can gather information that might normally be kept sealed away behind tight lips.

Fantastic CQC – If you get up close to the fiery Irish-man, then you're in for a world of hurt; he may not look quick and nible, but he will disarm you and knock you out before you can utter the word 'Mammi!'

Lack of concentration – Over the years, Seamus' concentration has diminished to the point where he only concentrates into conversations about bombs, alcohol, sectarianism, or the mission.

Long range – Although his explosives have a variety of ranges, Seamus himself is rather useless against anything that can be shot from a distance. He doesn't utilize these kinds of weapons, and when he uses his explosives they are all preordained; he has to figure out where exactly to put the explosives for the most impact, and that often takes time.

Change – He really does not like change. If a plan goes haywire then so does Seamus, and I don't mean in a panicky sort of way, I mean he'll be pissed and might just quit the mission out right there and then.

Born and raised in good ol' Dublin 10 years after The Troubles broke out, Seamus was raised by two parents – a Father named Mark and a Mother named Alice. He had a large family consisting of 4 brothers and 3 sisters; Seamus was the youngest of them all. He had a normal child hood, making friends, playing in the streets, getting into plenty of fights with other children (often over Religious matters), etc.

A surviving fighter of The Troubles, Seamus learnt his explosive and CQC skills via his peers within the IRA that fought against the British Army at the time. During his time in the militia group, Seamus was instrumental for a plethora of bombings throughout all of the UK and Ireland garnering a fairly large death toll. This feat gave Seamus the nickname of 'Boom-Boom' within the IRA; he's almost certain that 'Boom and Bewm' from the Borderlands 2 game was named after him.

Nearing the end of The Troubles, Seamus had left the IRA to go vagabond and work as a demolition man; this was just a front, as he was still in the murder business.
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PostSubject: Re: Seamus 'Boom-Boom' O'Cochlain   Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:27 am

Very nice. Approved.

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Seamus 'Boom-Boom' O'Cochlain
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