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 Aquilas Ibn-Al Malik

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Aquilas Ibn-Al Malik

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PostSubject: Aquilas Ibn-Al Malik    Wed Feb 18, 2015 3:43 pm

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Name: Aquilas Ibn-Al Malik

Age: 26

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Aquilas has a close resemblance to Ezio Auditore. He stands at a tall 6'2" with lean muscles packing his body. His hair is short and is a slightly darker shade of brown than his eyes. Due to two cowlicks near his temples, stands in a somewhat ''mohawk' fashion, and refuses to lie flat. His Assassin robes are a mix between the typical assassin garb and the armor of a Roman gladiator.

Personality: Aquilas is an upbeat man and can typically be found with a wide smirk spreading across his face. Aquilas is friendly to all, save his enemies, and will go out of his way to help those in need. Aquilas loves all and does not discriminate. He does his best to live up to his assassin heritage, but does not let the pressure get to him. Happiness is just as important, he believes.

Favorite Weapons: His hidden blades

Strengths: Aquilas is fast and quick on his feet.

A powerful climber.

And a good judge of character

Weaknesses: Aquilas can be easily distracted, especially by a pretty woman...or a handsome man.

Aquilas also has a hard time listening to advice.

Also he can be quite hot headed

Background/Biography: Aquilas was born and raised in Roma. His mother Paulina Ezerdante, and father Alessandro Ibn-Al Malik, were both assassins and raise him and his brothers as such, preparing them to enter the brotherhood themselves when they were of the appropriate age. Even while young Aquilas always noticed something wasn't quite right. His father, his mother told him, had originally come from the Middle East, that is why he looked so different from the other men of Roma. His brothers, though a few shades lighter, shared their fathers dark complexion and severe looks. However Aquilas never got darker, and never had those deep set eyes, or heavy brow. He could never figure out why he did not look like them. When he asked his mother she would only smile and shake her head, telling him he only looked more like her.

But Aquilas wouldn't believe it. He may be a child, but he was no fool. And he finally had his proof when the Mentor of the Brotherhood showed up at their door. Aquilas stared and blinked, mouth slightly agape. That was his face! Much older and concealed by goatee and stubble to be sure, but his none the less! He would know, he saw it every time he looked into a mirror.

He was ten when he made this discovery, but he never brought it up to his mother. He was sure Ezio knew as well. They had locked eyes, and the Mentore's had grown large with disbelief. Somehow it made Aquilas feel better, knowing why he did not fit in, and that Ezio Auditore was just as surprised as he was. From that day on Ezio would make excuses to come to their house, and he would find ways to spend time with Aquilas, even in the smallest of ways.

Eventually Ezio showed up with a grim look on his face and refused to look at Aquilas. He spoke to Aquilas' mother, and though he strained to hear the only word Aquilas caught was 'Constantinople'.

The next day his mother left with the Mentor of the brotherhood, and when she next returned it was in a wooden box, and Ezio looked as if he had been crying for quite some time.

Aquilas did not grow up resenting anyone for what happened. He had been raised to love, forgive, and be kind. His brothers and Alessandro never shunned him, and in fact grew closer to him after the death of Paulia.

Aquilas always knew he was very lucky to have a family such as his.

Aquilas lived by the Creed, and was one of the few fortunate enough to die of old age. His brothers awaited him in the afterlife, and Tarek greeted him with a twinkle in his blue eyes. 'Come and see what we have found' he said.

The afterlife was nothing but an expanse of white nothingness to Aquilas, but his brothers led him through it as if they saw a way.

They brought him to a large silver fountain. Aquilas blinked. It seemed to just form out of the mist. 'Look into it!' Dastan urged. The two of them seemed very excited by this thing.

Aquilas scoffed and looking into the ethereal water and gasped. It gave him visions! He could see into the past, present and future. Many things flashed before his eyes, and the last thing he saw was the great castle of their origin, Masyaf.

Aquilas pulled back and looked at his older brothers, 'How is this possible?' He breathed. They only shrugged in reply.

Shivering Aquilas turned back to look again, but suddenly he felt himself tipping forward and falling in. Uh oh...

Next thing he knew he was hitting hard packed earth with a thud. His body, though now bruised and sore, felt young again and filled with the muscles and strength of his youth. A moment later and he heard his brothers land next to him.

With a groan Aquilas sat up, then dropped his jaw in disbelief. He was staring up at the gates of Al Masyaf!

Quickly realizing they would stick out in their odd robes he and his brothers adapted quickly and liberated some more appropriate garb from hanging Laundry and headed up to the castle.

Aquilas had a mix of feelings. Was he reborn? Did he get a second chance at life? But in a different time? After some contemplation Aquilas decided that worrying over it did him no good, and he decided that he would just live this out and see what happened.

He and his brothers became Novice assassins, working back of from scratch. Aquilas was enjoying this quite thoroughly! And they quickly rose to the ranks to Master Assassins (thanks no doubt to their previous life experience)

Now under the rule of Altair Ibn-La Ahad Aquilas is thriving once again.
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PostSubject: Re: Aquilas Ibn-Al Malik    Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:43 pm

Looks good, approved

There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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Aquilas Ibn-Al Malik

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PostSubject: Re: Aquilas Ibn-Al Malik    Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:44 pm

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Aquilas Ibn-Al Malik
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