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 (Assassin) Abah

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PostSubject: (Assassin) Abah   Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:47 pm


Age: 27

Affiliation: Maroons, Assassins


Favourite Weapons: Dual wielding machetes, blow pipe


• Sailor: Having sailed with pirates for a while, Abah has learned his fair share of information about combat on sea
• Stealth: Haven raided plantations for a while, Abah has learned to move quietly, knowing full well if he is discovered then a price will be paid, leading to him practising long hours.
• Stamina: Being lashed during his days as a slave, Abah learned he had to work long hours with short breaks to make sure
• Patient: Through trial and error, Abah has learned to strike when the time is right instead of trying to be the hero and slaughtering his way through.


• Loyalty: While to some it may prove a benefit, Abahs’ loyalty to both the Assassins and the Maroons have led him to be manipulated or held off by his foes. It has also led him to lead rescue missions where it seems likely he won’t make it out.
• Relentless: Whenever hunting a target or taking an area, Abah will use his capabilities to the make, sometimes wasting resources to only delay the end or cause more damaged that can be neglected.
• Stubborn: If drawn into an argument that he believes in, Abah will not give any ground and fight to the very last even when he knows he will likely lose. This can prove annoying to some people and cause a little chaos.
• Regret: With every lost life, Abah takes it personally, believing that if he had done any better then there would be a better future for everyone. This plays heavily whenever he encounters’ failure


Born into slavery like many people he considers brothers, Abah has fought tooth and nail just to reach the position he has today. Born within a plantation in Haiti, Abah was forced to endure the long hours and torment from the overseers. His dreams of freedom were not banished by the seemingly endless whippings and long hours of work; if anything they fuelled his hunger to be free with his people.

After 17 years, his chance came. When pirates ransacked the plantation, the surviving slaves, including Abah, were offered a chance to take what they deserved. They accepted and so their life as pirates began. Wielding two machetes he had obtained from the plantation, Abah enjoyed his freedom, doing as he pleased within reason. This ended after seeing the cruelty inflicted on those that opposed the pirates.

For two years Abah wondered the streets of Kingston before meeting the leader of the Assassin Bureau, Anto. After some talking Abah joined the Assassins to help those still forced to serve. To this day, Abah commands the Brig “Chainbreaker”, attacking slave ships and plantations to free those still chained to their masters.
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PostSubject: Re: (Assassin) Abah   Tue Feb 17, 2015 4:09 pm


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(Assassin) Abah
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