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 Captain Daniel Whitehorn of the Royal Navy

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Friend of the Forum

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PostSubject: Captain Daniel Whitehorn of the Royal Navy   Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:04 pm

Name: Daniel Whitehorn

Age: 31

Affiliation: Assassins and the British Navy

Appearance: Daniel was considered by many to be a physical appealing figure, though of only average height, and only even bearing the minimum degree of muscle mass one would expect of a sailor and assassin. Much of his physical charm comes from his rich blue eyes and his creamy black hair, both from his ancestry, a mix between English and Scandinavian. He has quite a lot of stubble, mostly due to the fact the he shaves in haste, not liking the facial hair his close friend so often sported. Daniel chooses to dress quite modestly despite his rank, rarely wearing a hat or even a coat, in an attempt to better connect with his fellow sailors and assassins.

Personality: David is an honourable man, believing all people deserve a fair trial, be it by the law or the blade. His respect, for both kin and foe are a major part of his person, as he feels the acts of the person are the best way to judge them, be they good or bad; it is not the allegiance of the act, it is the act itself that matters. Daniel is a strong believer in the assassins Creed, but feels that one must question when they feel what is being presented to them is worthy of question - and he cites that as one of the major reasons he's not a notable member of the order. He holds no contempt to the issue.

Favourite Weapons: Hidden Blade, Chain Whip, Officer's Rapier

Strengths: A competent fighter and a man with many connections, even into the Templar Order, Daniel prides himself on his charisma and his skills, able to word his way into any place he desires, and fight his way into those he can't. Someone once said he had a 'steel tongue', referring to the close link of a blade and tongue in the world of Daniel Whitehorn.

As a Captain, Daniel commands a ship, the HMS Album Corno, a sixth-rate frigate, fit with twenty carriage-mounted guns, and a crew of over a hundred people. Though quite a typical ship in both size and strength, he was quite loved by his crew, and was fairly independent on the open oceans, something he loved to make the most of.

Daniel Whitehorn, as an Assassin, and a member of the Royal Navy, has gotten to know many of the native people of the Caribbean, and has enjoyed the company and customs of those deemed by others as inferior. He was even infatuated with a young native for some time, before he was promoted to Captain. His closeness to many of the native tribes gives him a surprising support on the islands, even those not controlled by the British.

Weaknesses: Daniel is, undoubtedly, allied to the British over the Assassins. This has caused many feuds with fellow Assassins, as he has abandoned or disregarded vital mission objectives, often leading to the capture or death of other members within the Order. He tends to operate a little bit as a rogue, using the tools of the order to further his own goal of righteousness.

The feeling Daniel gets when threatened is often compared to that of a monkey backed into a corner; he loses his mind and begins to slash and claw, forgetting tactical prestige or position and turning almost feral. Though it happens rarely, it puts him so out of his comfort zone that he simply cannot handle it.

Daniel has an infatuation with nature and architecture, and often is distracted by rare birds, animals, or plants, or even notable buildings in the Thirteen Colonies or major settlements of the Caribbean, normally putting an abrupt halt to any attempted escapes of he or his comrades.

Background/Biography: Daniel was born in Oxford, to a wealthy noble family, where he received a prestigious education and was believed to soon be a member of the governing body of the British Empire, as a minister and perhaps, one day, a member of the Cabinet.

That was when he met a Scottish man in London, a man who offered him a life of fun and freedom, away from the confines of the country. Daniel was reluctant, but chose to join the Scotsman, and the two ended up sailing with a few others into Europe, living abroad for some time. It didn't take long, however, before the Scotsman was arrested, and forced into the navy.

Daniel had liked the idea of joining the navy, and enlisted. Given his background, Daniel was sent to Kingston, where he served with the Governor as a man of diplomacy and tactical forethought. It wasn't for many years, when Daniel first met the Assassins, that he requested to be given a ship, a rank, and a chance to do the work of the good men of the sea.

Daniel had been infatuated with the Assassins; the idea of a free people intrigued him, and though he felt some ideas were far fetched, he agreed with many others completely. After meeting with his friend, the Scotsman, out on the open waters, he was made acutely aware of the privacy of his new position, when he found out that one of his allies had attempted to kill his friend. Daniel never gave it much thought again.

He's served for a long time now in the navy, and despite his best efforts, has failed to be given a higher rank in either the navy or the order, with one considering him too valuable, and the other considering him not valuable enough. Daniel, ever an optimistic man, still enjoys the adventures of his life, and the excitement of the open sea.
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PostSubject: Re: Captain Daniel Whitehorn of the Royal Navy   Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:29 pm

I take it the Scotsman is Stodd? Anyway, approved.

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Friend of the Forum

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PostSubject: Re: Captain Daniel Whitehorn of the Royal Navy   Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:55 pm

Voidmon wrote:
I take it the Scotsman is Stodd? Anyway, approved.

Yup yup.
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PostSubject: Re: Captain Daniel Whitehorn of the Royal Navy   

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Captain Daniel Whitehorn of the Royal Navy
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