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 Rude Awakening (OPEN)

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Gerard Bel

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PostSubject: Rude Awakening (OPEN)   Fri Feb 13, 2015 2:58 am

It was a sunny day in the Indies today, light poking through the shades of Gerard's ship causing him to wake from his slumber. It had only been a week since Gerard arrived in the Americas and he has not adjusted to the time change, he could feel himself tired already from lack of sleep. Tiredly he rose from his cot in his private quarters of the ship and got himself dressed into his robes, a mixture of blues, reds and white and brown; not quite a proper look for a Templar associate but it is the look he preferred, likely coming from his roots.

Gerard was a born Assassin turned Templar at a young age, but he never has felt like he belonged to one side or the other. He simply does as he pleases as long as it wont get him killed in the process or leave him penniless. Gerard finished dressing himself and looked into the mirror, pulling his hood up and gave himself a small smile before taking the hood down. "Bah, on a nice day like this I may as well get some sun on my skin." He mumbled to himself as he walked to the deck of the ship. The morning sun made it hard to see but he was able to make out that his crew had been discussing something with someone unfamiliar at the wheel of the ship. He glanced up at them, wondering who it may be; and why they were there. "Templar business.. perhaps?" He once again mumbled to himself as he walked up towards them.
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Rude Awakening (OPEN)
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