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 [Free Agent] Stephen Dunn

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PostSubject: [Free Agent] Stephen Dunn   Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:41 am

Name: Stephen Dunn

Age: 29

Affiliation: Exile of the British Assassins (Free Agent)

Appearance: His usual attire is similar to that of an Assassin’s robes in black, if run down and showing some wear and tear, with a brown cloak covering his shoulders and hanging down to his knees.  Pistols can be seen hanging in holsters at waist level with his ammo along with smoke bombs being held within pouches along his belt.


• Serious: Changed by recent events, Stephen has been sobered up by the world. Where once he may have cracked the odd joke or bragged about being so skilled, Stephen has been changed dramatically. Don’t expect any joking or the like from him
• Ruthless: His actions speak louder than words, usually going straight to the point of a conversation and ending it if he feels like it useless. This can lead him to losing out on information and generally getting himself into trouble

Favourite Weapons: Pivot Blades (ie Connors’ dagger), pistols


• Knives:  Being an easily accessible weapon since his days in Londons’ harbours, Stephen is skilled using two at the same time. From being used in combat to cutting purses from their belts, Stephen particularly likes knives for their many uses and for being easily hidden. It is best to avoid him if he gets his hands on one or a pair.
• Freerunning: Forced to steal money along with food in his young days, Stephen learned quickly how to climb buildings and so on with each failure of his merely enforcing the need to become better.
• Keen ears: Stephen learned to keep his ear to the walls, gathering information for the highest bidder (During his childhood at least)


• Perfectionist: Success and failure are clear in Stephens’ mind: if any of the tasks aren’t completed, then there is lose. This means Stephen is often hard on himself and will work himself till exhaustion to make himself better.
• Doubt: Ever since he was exiled from the Assassins, Stephen has gained a harsh look on the world, causing people to keep their distance in case his anger gets the better of him as doubt takes him, questioning every little detail within a plan and asking “What if?”
• Endurance: While Stephen has decent stamina, a combination of hits or a powerful blow will likely put him on the back foot and question his place within the fight.
• Hate pirates: With his father dying because of one and with the general concept of stealing from decent merchants, Stephen looks down on them and a lot of persuasion is needed for him to not punch the living lights out of one.


With a father gone to privateering and a lonesome mother struggling to find money, Stephen was raised on the streets. In attempts to feed himself and his mother, Stephen did whatever was needed; stealing, delivering messages, you name it, Stephen has likely done it. The situation became worse when the money stopped coming from his father, he’d died at the end of a pirates’ blade. His mother was forced to become a whore and Stephen did what he could.

Events started to turn in favour for Stephen when he was 18. By this point, Stephens’ mum had died due to illness. Hooded men started approaching him, asking him for information in the area in exchange for coin, more than anyone else had offered him. For a few months this continued, information and money swapped. Eventually Stephen helped out with the assassination of a templar working in the area, if by accident. The hooded men revealed who they truly were, Assassins. He was offered a place amongst them, something which he gladly took.

With this, his training began. Years passed and Stephens’ skills grew. Templars and corrupted members of society died at the end of his blades. He enjoyed his work, believing himself to be improving the lives of everyone, which was a partial truth. However, during the hunt of a group of slavers which led him and two other assassins to the West Indies, Stephens’ loyalty was questioned when he killed one of their own, believing what he was doing was right. Since that day, Stephen has disappeared, becoming a wanted man for his actions against the two causes. Rumors have it that he currently travels around the West Indies though they are unconfirmed.


Feel free to recommend any changes, cheers Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [Free Agent] Stephen Dunn   Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:58 pm

Excellent. Approved.

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[Free Agent] Stephen Dunn
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