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 Vita Salvatore da Forli (Revelations)

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PostSubject: Vita Salvatore da Forli (Revelations)   Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:14 pm

Name: Vita Salvatore da Forli

Age: 27

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Now at 5ft in height and fully inducted, she now wears the robes of an Assassin of Rome. Some of her hair sticks out of the hood, sometimes getting in her face. Though, she often keeps her hood down.

Personality: A bubbly, cheerful girl at heart, Vita takes pride into her job. She can be a bit of a ditz when active and will often stumble into things. When in a confined space, she is calm and collected yet still bubbly and cheerful. She is absent-minded when she isn't doing anything but when in an urgent situation she tries her best to focus and remember.


After 10 years with the Assassins, Vita's ditziness has started to fade. She has improved her memory though she does have the occasional brain-fart. Loyal to the cause yet still as curious as ever, she is one to practically stick close to the mentor. Like, really. She lived up to her name when she rescued him ten years ago. Also, she has learned to keep incognito outside of the hideout. Though, she does end up talking to herself in a whisper.

Favorite Weapons: Poison, poison darts.

Strengths: Her optimism keeps her going and her family's history of medicine leaves her well skilled in the arts of health. With her type of attitude and personality, she is also pretty fast. Vita is also loyal, taking pride into serving a higher cause.

Weaknesses: Even after ten years, Vita still has a hint of her former ditziness. She will often stumble or bump into things, but not really knocking things down. When she has a brain-fart, she often just stands there with barely a response coming out of her mouth immediately. She either needs a pat on the back or the shoulder to get her back to reality. Even though she has improved in her hiding and blending, sometimes her whispers get a bit too loud.

Born in a family of skilled doctors, Vita was cared for almost constantly. She was well fed, well treated, well fit, all that stuff a healthy child can have. She has grown to be spoiled and will often prance around the house humming a little tune in glee. Oh, remember when I said that she was born in a family of skilled doctors? Well, her mother is well skilled in creating medicines and poisons while her father was skilled at selling them. Of course, like any doctor around, he would sell his goods to a certain someone in white robes... Anywho, while her father was working, her mother was teaching young Vita how to create medicines. Vita was always interested, as she always wondered how her parents do so well. She always listened, excited to learn more. On a few occasions she would try to use her knowledge and create medicines on her own. Most of the time she would make a mess or break the medicine capsule.

Ten years ago was when Vita was recruited as an Assassin apprentice. As this is the second bio entry, I'll make it short. Vita and her mom, Cara, were lured into a trap by the Borgia guards so they can steal supplies. Vita began to fight back which allowed Cara to escape. Vita got cornered, Ezio came in, so on and so forth. Fully inducted into the Assassin Brotherhood in 1503, Vita has journeyed well around Italy before hearing that the mentor was heading to Masyaf/Constantinople. Vita was fascinated at that news and she wanted to go there as well. A few days after Ezio set off, Vita went on to set out, going to Constantinople first. If anything, she has to make sure there was a brotherhood there as well. Although, along the way, she had a small run-in with some Byzantine Templars. She has quite a fight before an Ottoman Assassin came to aid her. After the battle, the fellow Assassin lead her to the hideout in Galata District, everyone welcoming her in open arms.

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PostSubject: Re: Vita Salvatore da Forli (Revelations)   Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:55 pm

Looks good. Approved.

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Vita Salvatore da Forli (Revelations)
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