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 David Shuter (Revelations)

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David Shuter
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PostSubject: David Shuter (Revelations)   Thu Jan 29, 2015 2:41 pm

Name: David Shuter

Age:looks 25, but is around 325 years in age

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Brown hair, natural tanned skin. He sometimes sports a short beard, and is sometimes shaved. He has green eyes and a muscular complex.

Personality: David is a kind and helpful person.. passionate about his cause. yet he tends not to make a habbit of growing close to anyone in or out of the order, as he knows they.. or him.. could die at anytime. He tends to be withdrawn from the world though, and is sometimes known as the Assassin Ghost. Someone who only shows himself when he is needed. There is always exceptions however.

Favorite Weapons: The Blade he had made himself, dubbed 'Kveykva'. A word of his won invention, which he has decided it would mean lightning, something he has always fancied. He also is a fan of his hidden blades.

He is also fond of his bow and wrist guns.

Strengths: Combat, stealth and deceiving. All these are strength required to be an Assassin, which he has learned from a young age and has perfected. He also has a brilliant mind, and is considered genius level, which is why he is such a good assassin.

Weaknesses: His is very prideful and tends to have an ego when it comes to his skills. If you insult him, or get in between him and his target.. be prepared to see the darkest side of him. He is also haunted by his past, as he is doomed to live until he is physically

Background/Biography: Born in the land of the British in 1170's David was named as he was, given no last name, being an orphan and all. He grew up on the streets and this hardened him. When he turned 10 he left Brittan and over the course of a couple years ended up in Masyaf. he was taken in by the Brotherhood and began training.

He quickly showed expertise in many forms. He learned quickly and even was able to fix the hidden blades that would be given to him so that he could use them without cutting off a finger. He saw the finger thing as a weakness to the brotherhood.. as it gave them away. It took him the most part of his training however, to learn how to do this, reading many scrolls and examining many blades. Many would say it was just by chance and luck he found out how to do it without breaking the contraption, and David himself thinks this, but of course he brags that it was all smarts.

By the time he became a full fledged assassin, he took on the last name 'Shuter' given his aim with bows.

In one of his contracts to take out a Templar, he acquired a necklace. A golden lightning-bolt. He kept it. He does not know what its worth. He does not even think it is important. He kept it because this was his first known templar that he cleanly killed, and wanted a momento. He keeps it hidden under his clothes though, as he does not want it confiscated by his Mentor.

What he doesn't know is that it is a piece of eden, from the first civilization, which grants the wearer immortality. Not in the sense he can not die, but in the sense he can not age. He is frozen in time until he is killed.

He figured this out though, when he was supposed to turn 40.. and still did not look a day past 25. he thought this cool, as he could continue to fight the Templar's forever.

Yet this changed when all his friends and brothers died of old age. After Altair's death, David was offered the position of Mentor.. but turned it down, as he knew in that position he would never have the chance to die.. and he would rather make use of this power and travel the world to stop Templar plots.

This is the first time he has settled with any assassin.. namely the new one.. Ezio. he sees potential in the young boy.. and is willing to follow him, and help him to greatness from the shadows.

After The Fall of most of the Brotherhood in Rome, David again took to the shadows, until the man he believed dead.. Ezio, came out in Rome, and David joined him, now formally appointed one of the Brotherhood yet again.

When Ezio began to to investigate Altair's Library, David secretly followed. He wanted to know this secret too... even though he had his suspicions.
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David Shuter (Revelations)
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