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 Ayam Aguilar

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PostSubject: Ayam Aguilar   Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:10 am

Name: Ayam Aguilar

Age: 18 years old

Affiliation: Free Agent (Templar associated)

Appearance: Ayam has straight black hair that reaches his eyebrows and dark brown eyes. Though his facial and nose structure belonged to his Spanish father, his eyes and mouth were that of his Native Filipino mother. His complexion is in the borderline of fair and brown, with his mouth signifying that he isn't full Spanish. With a stocky physique standing at 5'7", Ayam is very noticeable from afar. Despite being proud of his Spanish heritage, Ayam wears some of his mother's native accessories and necklaces.

Personality: Ayam is a sheltered young man and was rather soft-spoken. Whenever he would go out, he would always wear a smile at his face and greet anybody happily. Inheriting his mother's hospitality, he would help anybody he sees in need, even if it would resort to violence. With a rather long patience with people, Ayam would tend to go violent and ruthless when finally pissed off, a problem that his parents had a hard time soothing.

Favorite Weapon: The Filipino Sansibar and its scabbard


  1. Can easily gain the trust of people due to his hospitable nature.
  2. Ayam lasts longer in combat due to his stocky physique.
  3. Is very loyal to his friends.


  1. Has a tendency of charging at his enemy without thinking.
  2. Is easily manipulated emotionally.
  3. An easy target from afar due to his size.

Ayam is the 3rd son of a Spanish father and a Native Filipino mother. Ayam's father was a merchant who had a contract to the newly colonized Philippines and bought a native Datu's (a village head) daughter to be his slave, during the voyage back to Spain, however, did he finally have feelings for the woman and eventually married her. The two later had a children and lived peacefully in Castille, Spain.
At the age of 13, Ayam started having fistfights against other Spaniards who discriminated him for being half-Spaniard, because of this, Ayam's mother trained him a traditional fighting style to defend himself, using two batons as his main weapons.
5 years later, Ayam received news that his father was attacked by pirates and was killed in the attack, leaving Ayam's family bankrupt. It was also at this time did Ayam hear news of a Spanish governor in the West-Indies needing supplies for a certain event. Knowing that having a governor as a client may give him a foothold of him earning money for his family, Ayam used his father's reputation as a merchant to sail for the West-Indies to deliver the supplies.
Unfortunately, while sailing, Ayam was attacked by pirates and feared that he'd end up like his father, but to his surprise, the pirates only took the supplies and left him and his crew unharmed. Saddened and deeply troubled by this predicament, once Ayam arrived at Havannah, he reported to the governor about the stolen supplies, apologized, and immediately left. Seeing how troubled Ayam was, a man named Woodes Rogers called him and offered him a job: become a pirate hunter. Ayam accepted Rogers' offer, thinking that by being a pirate hunter, he would avenge both his father's death and his own loss while bringing money to support his family. He did all this, not knowing that he was being used by the Templars.
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PostSubject: Re: Ayam Aguilar   Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:15 pm

Looks good to me
approved temporarily
Hannah (main admin) will have to double check when she gets back but for now approved, so go ahead and roleplay :3
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Ayam Aguilar
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