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 Haydn O'Brian

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PostSubject: Haydn O'Brian   Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:43 pm

Name: Haydn O’Brian

Age: 27

Affiliation: Free Agent

Appearance: Haydn is a proud 6 feet tall. He has bright red hair and smooth tanned skin. His eyes are an emerald green and very light hearted looking. He has mastered how to make his face as soft as possible so he can get close to his target and take them out without them knowing he was one sent. Haydn has learned to travel light so he wears a plain green tunic with the sleeves gone to show his full arms. He also has a dark red cloak and hood that covers his head and face if stealth is needed. He wears comfortable but form fitting pants that match cloak.

Personality: Haydn is an open book, he believes in only gold. He will do almost anything if the price is right. He is a care free soul and lives in the moment and for the kill. This has lead to an unnatural liking of death. For each kill he makes he puts a tally mark on his arms as a reminder of his kills. He gets a sickening joy looking at them all.

Favorite Weapons: a single flintlock, Pirate Scimitar, small dagger

Strengths: Haydn can read people like and open book. He looks for clues in the way they walk, talk, even they way one looks at someone he can tell. Haydn’s Hand to Hand is second to none, he is man who prefers to look into the eyes of his target, and whither they are Assassin or Templar. His last and most important skill is his patience. He can wait for days for his target to appear before making the kill.

Weaknesses: Haydn’s major weakness is his speech; he has nasty habits of speaking before talking, which as lead to a few fights that were unneeded. The next is his love of the kill, while some might say this is a strength it is in fact a weakness. He needs to feel and see the last breaths of his target and will even break cover to do so.

Background/Biography: Haydn was born in Ireland on a small but respectable farm. He was raised to take over the farm when his parents could no longer care for it themselves. While it wasn’t an ideal an ideal childhood he didn’t know any better. They were also close to the coast so he had a close interaction with the fisherman and sailors that came into town. Even some pirates made their way into port as well.

Being young he was an empty shell to be trained. So when the sailors had time they would train young Haydn in different things. While none took him out to sea he could raise and lower a sail, steer a ship, and even learned a bit of parkour from them. As the farm grew poorer in poorer due to a lack of crops Haydn took it upon himself to get food from the market, which he stole and put his skills to use. While this wasn’t a perfect method it worked most of the time.

As Haydn grew so did his strength and some even challenged them to fights to see if they to the point it took nearly five men to stop him. Even then it would be a challenge to stop him. It was one of these mass fights that someone drew a knife on Haydn and stabbed him. While he had never felt pain like that he fought though it and killed the man. When the authorities showed up Haydn explained his actions and took him for his word. Though something in Haydn took him he should do it again. While another part told him what he did was wrong, so he marked himself with his first kill a single tally mark on his shoulder.

When he turned twenty the tally marks had grown and grown to the point that they lost their luster, for they were now easy for him. That was when a Templar came into his life. The man saw the skill at which Haydn was performing and wished to recruit him into the order. With a promise of riches and power Haydn couldn’t refuse, so on a ship and he took him to the Caribbean where the Assassin order held major sway. For awhile Haydn enjoyed the challenge the Assassins gave him. They were cunning, quick, agile, and smart. They weren’t like the people in his town; they made him work for it. For each one he made the money grew in grew until he met an Assassin who wasn’t a target and they talked for some time. He got to know the man and Haydn struck a deal, if they paid him more than the Templars did then he would kill for them. So when he started to kill Templars none were the wiser for no one thought Haydn had betrayed them.

Well all good things must come to an end and Haydn was found out. Unfortunately none were able to kill him and his body is covered in the Scars from that battle. Haydn does still maintain his independent status owning to him playing for both sides. So all he has to do is kick back and wait for the jobs to come to him. While he does some job hunting here and there he prefers the jobs come to him as it were. So with a small but well built schooner he travels the sea from job point to job point killing in the name of both Assassin and Templar.
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PostSubject: Re: Haydn O'Brian   Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:25 pm


There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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Haydn O'Brian
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