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 Nikos Xenakis

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PostSubject: Nikos Xenakis   Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:59 pm

Name: Nikos Xenakis
Gender: Male
Age: mid 30’s
Affiliation: Assassin’s

Physical description: (bullet pointed for concise reading)

  • Mediterranean complexion, with olive skin, dark hair and startling green eyes.

  • His hair is long and rather thick – often down and filled with the braids and gold clasps and parts have fused together in dreadlocks.

  • Nikos is handsome and well-built; standing at 6’2” and corded with muscle.

  • Generally looks the rough and ready sort with his stubble and choices of attire.

  • His eyes are lined black – custom to protect them from the sun.

  • Wears two rings upon his left hand and one upon his left.

  • Both ears pierced and his arms and back are extensively tattooed.

  • Has a scar across the bridge of his nose and one narrowly missing his left eye.

Personality: (bullet pointed for concise reading)

  • Mostly calm and collected Nikos is nonetheless hot blooded and in possession of a vicious temper against those who invoke it – namely, those who harm his followers of whom he is deeply protective.

  • A courageous and respected leader

  • Tolerant and farsighted

  • Smart and with an analytical mind

  • Ambitious and driven by a lust for glory, riches and a thirst for knowledge.

  • Very loosely adopts the morality of the Assassins and inhabits the grey area – an aggressive rogue that the Order needs in an age of unreason.

  • 'Eye for an eye’ mentality.

History: (bullet pointed for concise reading)

  • Born Greek on the Northern island of Corfu.

  • Both parents belonged to the Hellenic Order of Assassins yet wanted no part in that world once they settled to have a family.

  • Nikos was never unprepared however, both his parents training him under the guise of preparing for Turkish Sieges.

  • This didn’t stop him from being kidnapped and sold into child labour on the mainland by the Ottomans.

  • Lived through the horrendous conditions until he was 18 where he managed to escape thanks to an Assassin raid upon the Templar business.

  • Escaped with a gang of youths that he had worked with and stowed away on a merchant Charter to Corfu.

  • Some died from infection or dysentery on the way and he arrived back to his home island having mourned for each one of them.

  • A daughter of the Ottoman slaver, Semiha, travelled with them – having become smitten with the son of the Assassins.

  • Settling with her, in the last bulwark of Hellenic people against the Ottomans, they had twin daughters and a son together.

  • Familial bliss was short lived – the Turks continued their sieges and his family were slaughtered by an undercover operative for the Ottomans – her father having ordered her death if she had defiled her sanctity with a Greek, and an Assassin at that. Nikos hadn’t been there to protect them.

  • After their deaths, and the deaths of the majority of his friends, he stormed the old sanctuary and demanded audience – the assassins returning him to their fold only out of honour of his parentage, and through them Nikos bled his rage and his grief into steel and shot.

  • He worked as a ship builder and outfitter by trade and his heart sought escape to the West, far to the West, to the new world. His skill had earned him a formidable rank within the Assassin hierarchy and so he thus earned reprieve to go out into the world.

  • The turn to piracy was easier than he expected, the morality of the Order never having made much of a lasting impression, but the tenants of freedom and the opportunity to control and make a new life for himself were too good to resist.

  • He was there when Nassau fell, and carried letters of the Order to allow sanctuary in Tuluum; his high rank and preceding reputation from Greece during the Corfu sieges making him an invaluable mentor to the corned Assassins.

  • Letters of the resistance in Inagua didn’t take long to arrive in the jungle hideout, and he has been considering participation – having rubbed shoulders with some of the more notorious men and women upon that island.

Extra details:

  • His ship, The Trident, is one of the fastest sailing the waters in the 18th century – a captured British Man o’ War outfitted with 34 guns and a crew around 125 strong.

  • Keeps a collection of enemy flags to use with deceptive means.

  • Knows how to swim, and presses it upon his men to learn.

  • A more than adept marksman and swordsman.

  • His skill set, leadership qualities and loyalty commands a respect from allies and enemies alike.

  • Speaks English, Greek, Turkish, Italian and Spanish.

  • Possesses a branding from his slaver upon his left shoulder.

  • Known as the 'Devil of the Mediterranean' or, more simply, ' The Greek'

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PostSubject: Re: Nikos Xenakis   Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:38 pm

So, I have to wait for this to get approved before I RP?

*wishes for quick approval*
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PostSubject: Re: Nikos Xenakis   Thu Feb 05, 2015 3:10 am

Approved. Awesome job with the layout.

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PostSubject: Re: Nikos Xenakis   

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Nikos Xenakis
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