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 Noah Ulfsson

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PostSubject: Noah Ulfsson   Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:37 pm

Name: Noah Ulfsson

Age: Late 20’s – Early 30’s

Affiliation: To be decided through RP

Appearance: Noah is a handsome man, it’s something that is hard to deny but it is a natural handsomeness rather than being due to the man himself taking any more pride than needed. His care of self is minimal; drinking and smoking habits make him less than pleasant company and his subsequent visits to the hospital make him a pest for the medical staff. Albeit a pest that stands in at 6’5” and weighs around 91kg. Some of the female nurses certainly don’t object to having to put his masculine frame into ward clothing.

His nose has been broken and reset well enough that there is little evidence of the incident save a small bump just below the bridge and it sits above an unremarkable mouth often surrounded with a blonde beard which matches the colour of hair which is brought back into a small tuft of a ponytail. He always plans to have the mid-length mop chopped but alas the hours are long and when sun and moon bleed into each other from behind a desk and through the bottom of glass he just doesn’t seem to have the time to visit the barbers.

Stereotypically of Nordic blood, he not only possesses honey blonde hair and a relatively fair skin tone, two glacial blue eyes are set beneath a fine brow from under which they watch with an often lethargic care for the world they observe so acutely.

Personality: The northerner comes across as one would expect one coming from such cold. To most, he appears gruff and mean, his work ethic not encompassing the human condition past the fact that they mostly get in the way. His occupation is to keep people out, why on earth would his desire to ‘let people in’ so to speak. Although, another aspect of his duty is to protect and that, in essence, is what he wishes to do – to protect. In his own way. The further they are away, the easier they are to keep safe and whilst he may not appear to have much care as to how the people around him feel, the truth of the matter is that he doesn’t want to see the people he cares about hurt, and to that end he will do whatever is necessary to ensure such.

Favourite Weapons: Himself

Strengths; Brute strength – An analytical mind – Relatively agile with high stamina

Weaknesses: Cigarettes – Alcohol – Frequently alienates those around him – Lone wolf – Refusal to use a gun

Background/Biography: Originating from Iceland and migrating to the states due to work, Noah still feels displaced in the surroundings that he has grudgingly come to call home after near a decade. Having lost most accent from his native tongue he slots into the American landscape feeling like just another drudge and his cynicism was nurtured in those motels and rain slick streets lit with the sick, pallid light of overhanging streetlamps.

He is an outsider to this shadowed world of assassins and Templars, not one with technology but one with his ear to the ground. Occasionally there’s an unusual tremor, but then it’s silent again; the rumbles cease and once more he’s deaf to the shadows in those belonging to his cheap apartment. He could have opted to change jobs, but the work on the security force at Abstergo Industries is rewarding enough and he more often than not sees his extra money go into pints and packets of cigarettes than new digs. A diligent worker and a reliable ‘thug’ to boot, he’s trusted enough to have seen his share of odd happenings inside this monolithic establishment and it isn’t as though he’s as brain dead as some of his co-workers who show a lack of interest of what happens inside Abstergo which borders upon the unusual.

Call it a predatory instinct dulled by an addicts heart but Noah isn’t aware of what he is stalking the fringes of, only that it is some colossal abyss of information – information which may come out of the woodwork sooner rather than later…
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Noah Ulfsson
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