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 Shaun Masters

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Gabriel Winters

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PostSubject: Shaun Masters   Sat Jan 03, 2015 4:01 pm

Name:   Shaun Masters

Age: 26


Affiliation: Assassin

Personality: Due to his position as an instructor and team lead  in the Brotherhood, Shaun is very straightforward and sometimes irritatingly direct. Given the gravity of the current circumstances he finds himself in, Shaun has adopted a no-nonsense attitude. Though he is loyal to the Brotherhood to a fault, his level of respect varies depending on who he believes has proved themselves to the cause.

Favorite Weapons: Dual Hidden blades, hands/feet, Pistols


Fluid Like Water: Shaun was mentored early in life by a Martial Arts Master, and has adopted hand to hand fighting techniques from many cultures around the world. It has made him a deadly adversary in close quarters.

Adonis: Rigorous daily physical training has kept Shaun Masters in peak condition. Some have comments in passing (quietly), that his body was chisled from stone.

Parkour Champ: As an instructor, it has fallen on Shaun to Master all aspects of the life of an Assassin. While he is proficient with virtually any weapon and fighting style, when he teaches, his students have found that Shaun Masters makes Freerunning look easy. There are many Assassins who can shoot straighter and strike a target more effectively. But few will get there as easily as Shaun.

The Shadow: Along with Freerunning, Shaun is very proficient in blending in with crowds and disappearing in general.


The Soldier: Shaun was tutored by the best fighters the Assassins had available. He took to the martial training quickly and eagerly but unfortunately didn’t focus quite as hard on the other skills being taught at the time. He is a dangerous man to cross, but is frequently forced to rely on other members of a team to complete technical objectives. Lockpicking, hacking or general computer skills are outisde of his realm of expertise.

Focused: With his martial arts background and combat orientation, Shaun often neglects the finer points of the Brotherhood. He has few friends and tends to be supremely focused on the mission instead of the people carrying it out. He does care about the well being of his team, but knows that mission completion is paramount, and will always put the task ahead of the people. This mentality makes him seem callous and removed from his humanity at the worst of times.

Cardinal Sinner Given the high rate of success on the missions Shaun Masters leads, his name and personality have reached the ears of Templar death squads. Shaun has demonstrated character traits and flaws that have been exploited by squad leaders of his sworn enemies. His operational state has shown that Shaun is well along his way in representing two of the seven deadly sins. Namely, Pride and Wrath. This becomes a problem when the Templars exploit that information and take advantage of Shaun’s resulting lack of attention to minor details.


Shaun Masters was born into an Assassin family and tradition much like many of the members of the modern day Brotherhood. His situation was a bit different than most however. His parents were not the loving bloodline that any child could hope for. In fact, his mother and father had planned Shaun’s birth as a tool to their own retirement. After years of fighting, the Masters’ only wanted to die quietly, alone in the countryside somewhere. To that end, the pregnancy of Shaun was planned to the last detail. His life was one of necessity. Doing what was needed to make sure that the ends were met. This way of thinking would have a significant impact on his mental state later on in life.

Fortunately for his parents, young Shaun seemed to go along with his training and purpose almost completely without complaint or incident as he was maturing. His parents made sure that they prepared him physically and mentally for the challenges he was to face later on. To this end, they took only a small part in Shaun’s training. They instead enlisted the help of the finest Mentors that they could find. While most Assassins were proficient in any number of skills and techniques, very few of them were true Masters of a single discipline. As such, Shaun trained with several Martial Arts instructors all over the world, pulling techniques from several different combat disciplines, all to roll into his own personal style.

At age 19, Shaun was sent on his first solo mission. The mission was completed with such a high level of success that his parents finally found their time to step away from the Brotherhood. They retired on good terms with their peers and leaders and disappeared into obscurity, leaving Shaun emotionally alone in a world full of chaos and death.

If the teenage Martial Artist felt any kind of detrimental affect of their leaving, he never showed it.

Due to his training and Mastery of combat and freerunning skills, the Brotherhood in Santa Monica, California assigned him as a team leader and combat instructor at their facility, nicknamed “Limbo”.

Limbo was a training and operations center that was hidden in plain sight of the rest of the world. The building was constructed underneath of an existing fighters gymnasium called “365”. A convenient front to deter Templar suspicion. To all angles, 365 appeared to be exactly what it was. A training facility for upcoming fighters, and for those who wanted to get into shape. Below, was a bonafide hive where the Brotherhood assembled for their real training.

Shaun’s upbringing left him exceptionally focused on getting the job done no matter what. It left little time for him to explore what it meant to be a man in the world and because of that fact, he occasionally found himself lonely. This is why he invested some of his earnings as a young man and purchased a canine companion. From the first time they stayed together, Shaun was already training his infant German Shepherd that he’d named Kage, or Shadow in Japanese, as his coloring was an unusual mix of black and smoky gray. Unless he is on a mission, Shaun Masters is rarely seen without his furry companion.

Today, Shaun is a highly trained asset for the Brotherhood of Assassins. But recent events are going to put all of his skills to the test. Even his patience...
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PostSubject: Re: Shaun Masters   Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:15 pm

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Shaun Masters
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