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 Angelo "La Freccia": Birth of the Assassin

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PostSubject: Angelo "La Freccia": Birth of the Assassin   Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:44 am

The street was cold, and so was the air. A youth had somehow managed to escape the house with a woman yelling at him. Something about being home for dinner. "I will mama," he called back, escaping the house and making his way to town. There, in the market, were his friends.
  "Angelo," called a youth a few years older than Angelo was. "Let's see how your skills have gotten." Angelo nodded and crouched low. He slid along the line of merchants before he found one worth stealing.

  Angelo's hand snatched forward and grabbed a diamond necklace with its matching bracelet. As soon as he the items, he bolted from the scene, making several people very curious and confused. The friends were laughing when they finally escaped the guards. "Alright," said Angelo. "We can make money off This."
  "It was your catch, so your money,"
  "Grazie mi amico,"

  That night, Angelo came home late and with a wade of cash in his pocket. "You're late," his mother scolded. "Go wash up!" Angelo nodded and dashed upstairs, stashing the cash somewhere in  a tin box sitting on his desk before he washed. As soon as he walked downstairs. Again, the burning question itched at his young mind.
  "Who was my father?" His mother paused for a moment before she shook his head.
  "Not yet time," she said. She had said this every night he asked for the past several years. Why could it not be time yet? He wanted to know now. But he could only guess it was some thing important.

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PostSubject: Re: Angelo "La Freccia": Birth of the Assassin   Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:44 am

Summer, one of the most beautiful times in Rome. At least according to Angelo's mom. She had ordered him to stay out of the house for a few hours while she cleaned, as she had said. But cleaning so close to his birthday was strange even for her. But that didn't seem to bother the youth. Angelo began to roam the city and checked out each shop before he found his friends running from Borgia guards. "What did you do?" He asked as he fell in step by them.
  "Got caught stealing," called one of the boys as they ran.
  "Split up! They won't catch us!" That's what they had thought. As soon as Angelo broke away and rounded a corner, he ran straight into a guard, who grabbed his arm harshly.
  "Ladro filthy!" Snarled the guard and hauled the soon to be sixteen year old off to jail.

  Angelo hit the stone floor with a soft thud and rushed to the iron grated door as soon as it closed and locked behind him. "Cazzo!" He cursed, hitting his hand against the bar. He'd be late for dinner. Slowly, Angelo began to rummage around the cell, looking for anything that would get him out of here. Some thing metal caught his eye and made him smile. By the way he was so calm and knew exactly what to look for told that he had been imprisoned several times before. Angelo grabbed the metal rod and began to fashion it until it represented a lock-pick. The boy listened for the guards. Luckily the actual warden was asleep at his desk and the others were in a side room playing some sort of card game. With a deep breath, Angelo slid the rod into the keyhole and worked to find the right spot. click. That was a familiar sound. Slowly, he opened the door and slipped out, staying as quiet as he could. Along the way, he stole quite a bit of gold just to piss the guards off.

  As soon as Angelo made it out of the area, he returned home at a fast pace. He arrived shortly after noontime and stood in the doorway panting. "You're late," said his mother.
  "Mi dispiace mama," he answered, entering into the kitchen, where a sight caught him offguard. A cake sat in the middle of the table with lit candles and a rather big box sitting on one end. His mother had a huge grin on her face when she saw his expression.
  "Buon compleano, son," Angelo smiled and gave his mom a hug before he blew out the candles on his cake.
  "What's in the box?" Kristina chuckled and handed it to him as he sat down and moved the cake.
  "Open it and find out," and open it he did. He ripped open the paper and unfolded the flaps to get at the content inside. When he actually looked, he froze. Sitting nice and neat inside the box was a bow and a quiver full of arrows.
  "A bow?" Angelo sounded confused and looked up at his mom with a questioning look. Her countenance had fallen to one of longing.
  "It's from your father,"
  "My father?" His voice was more of a whisper than anything else.
  "Sí," she answered as her boy carefully lifted out the objects. -"He wanted to wish you a happy birthday and the only way he could was by sending you this box."
  "Grazie Madre," he said with a smile, setting both vow and quiver off to the side. "What's for lunch?"
  "How does hamburger sound?" Angelo nodded with a smile and looked over at the bow. It looked sturdy, made out of redwood and metal, though the wood only showed through a little bit. And the quiver was genuine leather. It was the perfect gift, though he didn't know the first thing of using it or any weapon for that matter. But he decided he would learn one day.

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PostSubject: Re: Angelo "La Freccia": Birth of the Assassin   Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:56 am

Several days had passed since his birthday. He and his friends were messing around, as per usual. "Hey," called Amino, pointing off to somewhere in the country. "There's a camp of some strange soldiers hanging out here." A chuckle escaped Angelo's throat. He'd been through so much, jail breaking and stealing that he became a little too bold.
  "I'll rob them blind," he said and took off running with his friends cheering after him. Not long after he had left his friends behind, Angelo saw the camp just up ahead. How fortunate that it was just behind some bushes.

  Angelo crept into the camp from behind and entered each individual tent, swiping money left and right. But then he saw a weapon he thought would be wonderful to pawn off and grabbed it as well. He escaped perfectly, and had a huge grin on his face in the false hopes of making it back to his friends. However, he was sadly mistaken. About halfway down the road, the Templars he stole from jumped him. "Let's teach him a lesson boys," said one, his voice dark. Then, as swiftly as they had appeared, they began to harass and beat him. Angelo cried out several times, but no answer came. Then a punch was thrown into his gut and he dropped to the ground, where the Templars proceeded to kicked the shit out of the sixteen-year old. His shirt began to tear and bruises began to form along his abdomen.
  "Help me!" He shouted again, tears in his eyes now.

Somewhere nearby, an Assassin in white trimmed with red heard his cries and rushed in, stopping a few feet away to assess the situation. He recognized the Templars anywhere and flexed his wrist before he rushed in, right before a boot could connect to the youth. Angelo curled up as much as he could and covered his head when his arms in fear as one by one his attackers fell. Only one had escaped, making the sword Angelo had tried to steal with him. The Assassin turned and bent down toward the youth, who flinched hard. He thought another boot was going to strike him. Instead, a hand rested on his shoulder and made him look up. The Assassin said nothing, just examined the boy. Angelo had several bruises on his abdomen and he seemed to have a broken rib, though he wasn't sure. A cut was on his bottom lip probably from a shard of glass. "You're safe now," said the Assassin, helping the boy to his feet. Angelo looked around, wonder in his eyes. He wanted to ask so many questions, but he never got to. "Come to the Island and say that Maestro Ezio Auditore da Fierenze beckoned you."
  "Why are you telling me this, messere?" Ezio smiled softly and helped the boy along.
  "You remind me of myself," came the answer. "Now, will you join us?" Angelo looked around at the dead bodies on the ground.
  "If it will stop the treatment of people like me by these bastardi," he said, kicking a body viciously. "Then sí, I will."
  "Then come!" Urged Ezio. [Color=lightblue]"Our healer will fix you up."[color]
  "Grazie messere,"
  "Nessun problema,"

  Nightfall came by the time the two reached the island. Ezio knocked on a door somewhere in the middle and it opened. Ezio led the injured youth inside and gently lower him onto the couch. "Healer Catherine will come soon," he said, basically telling the young man to stay put. It didn't take very ling for her to come and help him with his wounds, cleaning up the cut on his lip and tying a bandage around his waist to help the pain in his side.
  "Try not to do anything reckless until it's healed. Sí?" Angelo nodded in understanding and laid against the couch in a comfortable position. All he wanted to do was sleep and hoped his mom didn't ask where he was during the night.
  "Would you like to go home?" Asked Ezio off the bat. Angelo gave a start, confused more than surprised.
  "I can't very well walk," Ezio chuckled.
  "If we are in a hurry, we use underground tunnels," Ezio said gently. "We can get to anywhere in Roma." Angelo thought a bomb put it for a moment before his eyes closed.
  "Mom will probably think I'm over at my friend's house," he muttered and found a more comfortable position before he began to drift off, letting sleep drag at him like a heavy weight and gladly sunk into it's embrace.
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PostSubject: Re: Angelo "La Freccia": Birth of the Assassin   Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:19 pm

"Get up, Dormiglione," Angelo jerked awake instantly, his vision blurry for a little bit before it registered he was with the Assassins.
  "What time is it?" Ezio chuckled and had his hand on the door to the outside.
  "Time to awake," he answered. "First, I will take you home to your madre. She must be worried." At the mention of his mother, Angelo leapt to his feet and hurried after the master assassin.
  "I did not expect to be here all night," Ezio chuckled as he led the youth through the city to a stable.
  "Well, we couldn't have let you go home with all those bruises," he said, swinging aboard a pure white stallion. Angelo chose a dappled gray mare and together, the pair rode off, to the edges of the actual city. Meanwhile, he took this time to admire Rome, despite the Borgia rulers. On their way to the outskirts, they passed by a Borgia tower. The guards were talking, which looked more like cheering and it made Angelo mad. Ezio seemed to have noticed and shook his head, telling the boy to,stay away.

  It was around lunch when the two reached Angelo's house. Angelo was the first in the door. "Madre," he called. Something rattled in the next room and soon, his mother appeared, yelling at him worriedly in Italian.
  "Mio Dio! Are you alright?" Angelo nodded, letting her fuss over him.
  "Sí, I'm fine," he answered.
"Where have you been?"
"Con un amico," Angelo answered. His mother stopped fussing the second Ezio walked into her house.
"Who are you, messere?" She asked cautiously, watching the robed man with a careful eye.

Ezio dipped his head in respect to the woman before he looked over at Angelo. "Your son got into quite a bit of trouble with the wrong people, Signora," he said gently. The woman seemed to tense and her eyes quickly rested on her son.
"What kind of people?" Angelo didn't answer. Instead, the youth hung his head and cast his gaze onto the floor. Ezio answered in his place.
"Templars?" She sounded surprised and seemed to step back for a moment. Ezio nodded slowly and looked out the door to the streets, as though expecting an attack.
"Sì," he answered softly. "They beat him up quite a bit."

"Sì, Madre?" She waved a small hand in his direction and gave a small sigh.
"Let me talk to this man alone," Angelo was confused, but decided not to argue and went up to his room, shutting the door quietly. Though he could hear them, he couldn't make out what they were saying. Maybe it was for the best. After all, Angelo had inconvenienced both Ezio and his mother. Angelo had a feeling that the Templars would come after him and set to work on gathering what he needed, including the pouch full of money he'd stolen.

"His father's a Templar?"
"Sì," she answered softly, looking to where her son had disappeared. "He does not know yet. I had planned to tell him, but now that he's pissed them off, I don't think it's a good idea right now." Ezio nodded in understanding, a small smile on his face.
"Don't worry," he said softly. "I will not tell him until he's ready."
"Grazie," Ezio then frowned and shook his head, pulling down his hood.
"But he cannot stay here either," Ezio again looked to the streets beyond the house. "The Templari will most likely track him here to you. I suggest letting the Assassini take him before the Templars can find him."
"Angelo," Angelo came down from his room with some of his things in hand, his eyes resting upon his mother.

"I am to leave," he said softly, walking past his mother to stand beside Ezio. "I have already come to terms with this. If I don't, those Bastardi will find you, mother." The woman smiled faintly at her son and nodded her head.
"I know Messere Ezio will take care of you," Ezio nodded in confirmation.
"He will be well taken care of, Signora," all she could do was nod and watch as Ezio and Angelo both left the house on the horses they'd come here with.

"When we get back to Tiber Island," Ezio said as they rode away from Angelo's home. 'You shall be trained as an Assassino. And once I deem you ready, you will take your first Templar life."
"What else will happen?" Angelo asked, looking over at the Master Assassin that had saved his life. Ezio remained quiet for a moment before he looked over at the young man.
"After you take your first life," he began slowly, returning his eyes to the front. "You will get initiated into the Brotherhood, taking an oath and then proceeding with a Leap of Faith to confirm it. And then your new life will begin in earnest."
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PostSubject: Re: Angelo "La Freccia": Birth of the Assassin   Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:04 pm

(Hello everyone! Smile sorry that I haven't updated this lately. I was busy with college and what not. I'm home now and will be more active because of a new college I'm taking online. Enjoy!)

Upon Angelo's nineteenth birthday, he was standing before the Master of Tiber Island in Rome, his black robes gathered on him and his against his back. There was a cloth mask hanging around his neck as well and his bow and quiver full of arrows hung around his back while a sword dangled at his side. He felt every inch the Assassin he'd been training to become and now was the moment of truth for him. All the Brothers and Sisters of the Brotherhood was gathered around him, their eyes resting on his back and on the front of the hidden place. Ezio turned toward them and began to recite the ancient words of the ceremony. "Laa shay'a waqi'un moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine," he began, his eyes scanning the crowd that had gathered. "The wisdom of our Creed is revealed through these words." Angelo swallowed hard and looked at Ezio expectantly.

Ezio looked down at Angelo, his own eyes glittering softly. "Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember..."
"Nothing is true,"
"Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember..."
"Everything is permitted," Ezio motioned to an Assassin standing at his side. That Assassin moved toward a brazen and picked up a pair of tongs that had a hot brandish on the end of it.
"We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins." The other Assassins picked up the line with their Maestro while the Assassin had approached Angelo, the brand in hand. Angelo lifted up a hand and flinched when the burning hot iron touched his ring finger. It burned a mark into his flesh, the mark of an Assassin.

Ezio motioned for Angelo to follow them as the Assassins filed out of the chamber. They each climbed the buildings, heading for the highest point in the city. The place was beside a water-way with a pile of hay below on a landing on the other side of the water. Assassins began leaping off one by one the second Angelo reached the top. He watched as Ezio approached the edge and turned back. The Maestro nodded once and leapt off the edge, soaring through the air. As soon as Ezio left the roof, Angelo darted forward, staring down below as Ezio made his way to the hay stack, where he landed safely. The Master looked up the second he exited the pile. Angelo took a deep breath and backed up from the edge. To clear that jump, he'd need a running start. Angelo closed his eyes for a moment before he launched himself forward, his feet pounding hard against the roof as he ran forward. His feet touched the edge and that was when he sprang into the air, his eyes closing about halfway down. His heart was racing wildly in his chest, but he forced himself to remain calm. It was called a Leap of Faith, after all.

Angelo landed in the hay, safe and sound. He emerged from the hay, flicking loose strands from his shoulders while the rest fell away. "Well done," said Ezio as Angelo joined them.
"Grazie, Maestro," Ezio nodded once and then turned to the city.
"It is time for your first contract," Ezio handed Angelo a parchment with the details on it. The Master turned to the young man and frowned softly. "There is something unique about this man, however." Angelo chuckled quietly as he read the parchment.
"It's just a man," he stated. "There is nothing special about that." Ezio gave a soft sigh and continued.
"His name is Bristow," Angelo seemed to freeze at that name. It was his name. Angelo looked up slowly from the parchment, a frown upon his face.

"That is my name," Ezio nodded slowly, walking with Angelo away from their jump and into the city.
"Sì," said Ezio with a small nod. "He is the most dangerous Templar in Roma and must be eliminated." Angelo stopped and pulled away from Ezio, the parchment being tucked into his tunic.
"Perché questo Templar ha il mio nome?" Ezio stopped and turned toward the young Assassin slowly, his eyes soft.
"He is your padre," Angelo felt his heart jump in his chest at the news.
"Mio Padre," he began slowly, his voice quivering. "Is a Templar?" Ezio nodded slowly, his eyes blinking lightly.
"Yes," Ezio gently touched Angelo's shoulder and guided him through the city, to a freed stable from Borgia rule. "And you must kill him." Angelo touched the muzzle of a black horse before gathering the reins and looking over at the Assassin who had trained him.
"How do you expect me to kill my own father?" Ezio gave a quiet chuckle and shook his head.

"I don't," he answered simply, patting the stallion's neck while Angelo began to check the saddle. "I expect you to do the right thing for the Creed's cause." Angelo gave a soft sigh and nodded.
"Where can I find Bristow?" Ezio gave a soft smile and glanced across the city.
"Try looking around the Colosseum," he said. "Our Brothers have spotted him going there often. And make sure you do away with the body once the deed is done. We don't want people to fear going there for entertainment."
"Of course, Maestro," Angelo mounted the stallion and began his ride from the city, travelling at a light canter through the city toward the outskirts.
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PostSubject: Re: Angelo "La Freccia": Birth of the Assassin   

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Angelo "La Freccia": Birth of the Assassin
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