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 Norman Keek

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Lana Wake

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PostSubject: Norman Keek    Fri Dec 26, 2014 9:55 pm

Name: Norman Keek

Age: 37

Affiliation: Assassins

Appearance: Brown hair covering his left eye, bright blue eyes and worn skin. Norman has a very British appearance of him and a soft accent to follow; even when he speaks other languages. This may seem foreign to others. Because of his training, he is a very well-built man whom follows in his fathers footsteps.
He has a single scar on his left shoulder.

Note: This picture is very inaccurate- the only difference between this picture and the character is that his hair covers his left eye!

Personality: Very positive, happy person with not a worry in the world. He follows any order given and doesn't question them. Norman follows the Creed and respects his brothers and sisters with upmost care. There is nothing really wrong with Norman's flawless personality- it was developed and made for the Brotherhood, and he accepts this.

Favorite Weapons: He prefers his longsword, but has trained to use his hidden blade with amazing show-off skill.

Strengths: Now- Norman is an able fighter in both speed and strength. He has trained to flawlessly use his longsword and hidden blade to show-off while also efficiently use them. To him; it's an art.
Let us not forget freerunning. A typical Assassin skill. So in a nutshell, Norman is a typical happy Assassin.

Weaknesses: He is...too loyal. What we mean by this is that he will die for the Brotherhood without a second thought. He'd rather die then give up and wouldn't spit a word in torture.
He's also too hopeful...hoping that one day he will be given a chance to go to England, and because of this, he may lack ambition to get anything a wife.
Physically, he has no aim with bows and arrows, has no use of his legs in combat and has a terrible stance; perhaps his only flaw.

Background/Biography: A British Man at his age in that location during the third Crusade? At Masyaf?
This is due to Roger Keek, his father. After the failure of the Second Crusade, Roger wasn't killed like most English soldiers- or German or French. No, in fact, he lived through luck and had a son soon after learning the native language.
While not being accepted as a citizen anywhere, an Assassin during a job found his skill in combat helpful- after all, a mere Englishmen of action would see action and join the winning side, and in this case, it was the Assassin.

Now, after being raised in Masyaf Castle, Norman became a very skilled Assassin- but was rarely sent on missions. He was more of a peoples person, and from time to time, would duel with his brothers and sisters for the mere fun of it.
Being mostly English in his heritage and blood, his father Roger taught Norman both languages; the native and English.
It would prove helpful to the Assassins to have such a diverse character joining them in the shadows.

Norman has never loved...his fellow brothers and sisters would mock him for this fact. Aside from that, Norman has never had any other life then the Assassin's of Masyaf. He speaks from time to time about wishing to sail to England, but in his years, never has had the chance. He has spent most of his 37 years of existence training, saying that when a contact comes for a target far abroad, he will take on the task.
It's all he ever dreams of.

Norman Keek is an ancestor of future Lana Wake, and she may view him in the Animus.
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PostSubject: Re: Norman Keek    Sat Dec 27, 2014 5:53 am

Niiiice :3 Approved Very Happy

There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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Lana Wake

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PostSubject: Re: Norman Keek    Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:19 am

Nightmist wrote:
Niiiice :3 Approved Very Happy
Yay ^.^ Thank you!
I made another app on the American Revolution, but that character is a bit more far-fetched then this one alone >.>
Going to have fun Roleplaying these three!
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PostSubject: Re: Norman Keek    

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Norman Keek
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