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 Operation Dragoon

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PostSubject: Operation Dragoon   Tue Dec 23, 2014 6:27 pm

Operation Dragoon was the Allied invasion of southern France on 15 August 1944, during World War II. The invasion was initiated via a parachute drop by the 1st Airborne Task Force, The 83rd Infantry division, and an amphibious assault by elements of the U.S. Seventh Army, followed a day later by a force made up primarily of the French First Army. The landing caused the German Army Group G to abandon southern France and to retreat under constant Allied attacks to the Vosges Mountains. Initially, the chief objective was the capture of the important French ports of Marseille and Toulon, which were considered as essential to supply the growing Allied forces in France. The Allied planners used lessons learned from the Anzio and Normandy landings. They chose a location without high ground controlled by the Wehrmacht, as such conditions had forced them to incur heavy casualties after the initial landings at Normandy. The Allies chose an area at the Var coast east of Toulon as the landing site. Prior to the invasion, an air campaign was planned to isolate the battlefield and cut the Germans off from reinforcement by destroying several key bridges. Also a large airborne landing was planned in the center of the landing zone to quickly seize the high ground overlooking the beaches. Parallel to the invasion, several commando units would seize the islands off the coast. Although the Germans expected another Allied landing in the Mediterranean, the advancing Red Army and the Allied Landings in Normandy required all German resources, so little was done to improve the condition of Army Group G. Given the advancing Allied forces in northern France, the Germans deemed a realistic defense in the south impossible. Blasowitz's Army Group G headquarter openly discussed a general withdrawal from southern France in July and August with the German High Command, but the 20 July plot led to an atmosphere in which any withdrawal was out of the question. Blaskowitz was quite aware that with his scattered forces any serious Allied landing attempt would be impossible to ward off. He planned the withdrawal in secret, to include demolition of the ports and conduct an ordered withdrawal, covered by the 11th Panzer Division. He intended to establish a new defense line centered on Dijon in central France. German intelligence was aware of the impending Allied landing, and on 13 August Blaskowitz ordered the 11th Panzer Division to move east of the Rhone River, where the landing was expected.
Jack raymond, along with his squad, were sitting in the back of a plane. Jack never liked flying. It scared him.

"Alright boys, lets get ready to jump!" exclaimed Jameson, Raymond's CO.
"You got it boss." Muttered Miller, their rifleman, as he plopped his helmet onto his head.
"ALRIGHT, WE'RE APPROACHING THE DROP ZONE. GEAR CHECK!" Yelled one of the commanders in the front of the plane.
"1 GO!" "2 GO!" "3 GO!" until it was Jack's turn. He closed his eyes, prayed, and jumped.
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PostSubject: Re: Operation Dragoon   Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:43 pm

Shunichi watched as the men jumped from the airplanes. from his hiding spot, a conveniently placed haystack right in the middle of a german camp.
the attack for the allies was not going well. men were screaming as they were shot in the sky or raced towards earth because their parachutes have fallen.
he knew that he needed to move soon, or the allies would be defeated. he waited for the next patrol marched past, and stealthily moved towards the turret guns. if he could take them out, then maybe the paratroopers might have an easier time.
as he took out each guard, the less the troopers were seeming to die. he only had 2 more guns to liberate, but he knew that the nazis would figure out why the guns stopped shooting.
after taking out the first turret, he noticed that the last one had 2 men operating it. right then and there, he wished he had 2 hidden blades for an easy double assassination, but he would have to make do for now.
when the last turret was taken down, he sighed in relief, and turned around only to hear a familiar click of a German LugerP08 pistol. an officer smiled wryly at him as a dozen or so soldiers seemingly appeared out of nowhere. normally, he could take these men easily with his katana, but with close quarters and only one hidden blade, he dropped one of his smoke bombs and raced to the real battle scene.
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Operation Dragoon
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