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 Violet Robertson | Assassin

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PostSubject: Violet Robertson | Assassin   Fri Dec 12, 2014 3:01 pm

Name: Violet Robertson "The Kiss of Death"

Age: [Dependent on dates accessed through Blake's memories]

Affiliation: Assassin


Violet stands at just over five feet and has a thin build, but is still a fairly pretty woman. She has long black hair which she typically keeps pinned out of the way. She is sometimes seen sporting deep red lipstick during missions, an uncommon occurrence, earning her the nickname "The Kiss of Death" by many in the Brotherhood.

Personality: Being a woman in the Brotherhood was difficult at the time. Violet pushed aside all negative comments and instead worked harder to overcome them. She is not exactly cold, but not exactly a free talker, making it somewhat difficult to work with her. Most don't know what to make of her. But what they do know is that Violet will work hard to set herself above the rest and prove women deserve their place in the Brotherhood.

Favorite Weapons:

  • Hidden Blades
  • Polish wz.35 semi-auto pistol
  • Charm


  • Multilingual: Violet studied languages for years before being officially recruited into the Brotherhood, and has learned at least seven, not counting her native English tongue (Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Italian, and Polish). As such, she can also (nearly)perfectly imitate the accents of those languages.
  • What a Looker: Men are so easily distracted by beauty, they don't even notice the knife in their backs. Violet was often used as a distraction, especially in war zones where men wanted to be distracted. Though she didn't posses the looks of a goddess, a pretty girl was better than no girl at all.
  • Stowaway: Violet's small size made it easy for her to hide in tight places and even easier to get into places unseen. She could even make herself look much younger and blend into almost any crowd.


  • You wouldn't like me when I'm angry: Violet didn't like getting upset, truly upset. When she was, you'd know, and you would get more than a tongue lashing from her.
  • Judge or Be Judged:[i] She was incredibly judgmental, especially of men of the Brotherhood. She'd rather work alone than with a partner because she didn't want to be blamed for every little thing that went wrong. That isn't to say she would, she'd met some spectacular Brothers, she just didn't like taking the risk.
  • [i]Take Charge: Sometimes a group needs a leader. Violet always wants to be that leader, even if it leads to infighting. If not, she won't exactly jeopardize the mission, but she'll do what she thinks is best.


Violet was the last attempt by her parents to raise a child; her mother nearly died during childbirth, beginning the joke that she was born to be an assassin. Both of her parents were members of the Brotherhood and dreamed of continuing the tradition with their family. "You have to continue," they would tell her, "for the family." And training was no easy matter. As a young woman, she was thought to be weaker than her Brothers, which she disproved with every passing day. When she began training, her parents retired, delighted that she chose to keep the Robertson blood in the Brotherhood.

During her childhood, she was taught her body was a weapon, which she had no troubles demonstrating when the boys in her class would try to peek up her skirt. This often warranted punishment from her teachers, but praise in the home. She would astonish her class by taking notes in French, German, or Spanish, having mastered four languages by the age of 15. She was a bit of a troublemaker in school, eager to show what she had learned in training to her peers, but was constantly reprimanded by her father and reminded that the Brotherhood was a secret order that not everyone should know about.

When the economy began to crash, Violet was of the age where she could get a job to help support her family. She was also in the final days of her training. She juggled her job in the factory and assignments with the Brotherhood, which proved difficult. Her parents agreed that they would live below what they were accustomed to if it meant keeping the Brotherhood alive. She quit her factory job and completed her training. Her first official assignment, assisting in World War II.
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PostSubject: Re: Violet Robertson | Assassin   Fri Dec 12, 2014 4:17 pm

Excellent job: explained strengths and weaknesses, interesting personality, and a fairly detailed bio. Impressive work, can't wait to see your posts. APPROVED
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Violet Robertson | Assassin
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