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 The Salvatore Family

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PostSubject: The Salvatore Family   Fri Dec 12, 2014 8:49 am

Name: Baldo and Cara Salvatore

Age: 26 / 23

Affiliation: Doctors

Appearance: Baldo stands at 5'4" with short red hair, thick eyebrows, and a few freckles. His eyes are also green. At home, he wears a nice ruffled under-shirt and ruffled red over-shirt. His pants are black bell-bottoms and he wears boots. While working as a Doctor, he wears your typical plague doctor outfit. Cara is 5'0" with brown hair in a bun. She has thin eyelashes and blue eyes. She wears a dress of a noblewoman and she has a nice sapphire necklace in the shape of a teardrop. She also wears boots.

Personality: Baldo is the outgoing husband, always ready for something exciting. Which is useful for when he's out selling medicines and poisons. Cara is the more reserved, proper type, easily focusing on crafting poisons and medicines to sell.

Favorite Weapons: As they are just doctors,, they don't really fight. But just in case, they have poisons.


Due to his job, Baldo is always outside at the stall. He rarely has time to go back inside so that leaves Cara alone to work. She would occasionally check on him and/or bring him more supplies. Since Cara is reserved, she barely talks, making her seem quiet and a loner.
Also, they barely do any fighting. Like physical swordplay fighting.

Baldo Salvatore was born in a wealthy family of tailors and artists. Creative people they were. With 1 younger brother and 1 older sister, Baldo was the brother in the middle. He was always going around causing shenanigans with his younger brother as a child. His sister was rather protective of him, always there to fix him up. His uncle was a salesman and taught Baldo the various ways to attracting customers for when he decides to pursue the path of a salesperson. Baldo was rather uninterested at first. Overtime, though, he watched his uncle become rather successful at his tactics. That inspired him to actually listen.

Cara Sorella was born into a quiet family of 1 older sister, a mother, and a father. Her mother was a young maiden who bakes for a living while her father was a farmer. Since both of her parents were busy, she only had her sister to spend her time with. The two formed a sisterly bond overtime, always there to support each other. One day, though, their mother died of leukemia, leaving their father in a state of depression and the two girls left to fend for themselves. Cara took over her mother's place as a baker while her sister went to care for the farm. Since they had to take care of themselves, Cara decided to also take up in medicine.

How did Baldo and Cara cross paths?

Baldo was helping his father sell various cloths and fabrics when Cara came along to buy some clothing for her and her sister. Boldo was at the counter to assist with sales while his father and mother dealt with the fabric. When Cara asked for what she needed, Baldo said that clothes were still being made so she'd have to wait. Cara was patient enough to keep Baldo some company, speaking to him while she waited. As they talked, Baldo became interested in this girl. Vise versa, too. Soon, they developed an interest in each other. Occasionally visiting each other and treating themselves.

A few years later, Cara and Baldo got married.

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PostSubject: Re: The Salvatore Family   Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:43 pm

Nice to see you decided to flesh out Vita's parents for future use. I'd just make mention of the lack of combat skills in the Weaknesses in addition to where you've already mentioned it. Again, very good job assassino! APPROVATO
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PostSubject: Re: The Salvatore Family   Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:47 pm

Oh! One other thing popped into my mind that might be interesting to add: how they came to know the Assassins. Of course the Assassins visit doctors all the time, but a little anecdote about how they first enlisted the Salvatore's services could be cool. Just a thought. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The Salvatore Family   

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The Salvatore Family
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