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Here you can role play as your favorite characters from the AC series, as well as your own! All games and time periods are included in this forum.
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 Stone Soup

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PostSubject: Stone Soup   Fri Dec 12, 2014 3:31 am

Now, I am certainly very green behind the ears brand of new right now. I don't know who you folk are or what your interests are in a role play or even a story. I am not 100% on if you have a moderator step in to forward story arcs or if it is all player driven like WoD Unmods. (Not saying Unmods are bad, but there's always that one... that one that makes you cringe.) I have to say I am impressed this seems to work without character stats, meaning a far less painful number crunching for that little bit of XP or hours spent digging for a loophole. Much appreciate, Doge approve.

However, it seems my two favorite eras are mostly untouched! How can this be?! Pirates and the revolutionary war... now even revolutionary France; it can be exciting I suppose. But what of the renaissance? The third crusade? The are many chances for a good story to be made if only we had some ideas and made a decision on a story or a plot. We may not know the ending until it comes. A moderator may throw a large monkey wrench in the plan, for all we expect... But nobody is going to get anywhere if they don't at least try and start.

First off, what makes a story or scene go on for so long? What is it that keeps players returning? I'll tell you my opinion, I think it's the journey. A balance of role play and the overarching metaplot. It is after all how you write a successful story. Why should forum rp or mush be any different?

So how do we get these ideas? Well... It starts with a seed of thought. Maybe you saw something while browsing and thought it might be interesting to explore. So, you share the idea and another person agrees but adds their own twist to it. A good story is like Stone Soup (a children's story). Everyone brings something to add.

And so I begin my stone soup. (While encouraging others to give it a try.)

What would you like to see in a rp board and in what section? What kind of a role would you like to play? Sure you may play an assassin, but do you want to be the one to crack some secret code or save a damsel? What is your character bucket list?
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Stone Soup
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