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 Research | Open |

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PostSubject: Research | Open |   Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:03 am

Blake had taken an assignment in Chicago, both for her internship and the Brotherhood. As usual, some guy in charge of some company had be disappear. She didn't care about the technicalities. All that mattered was that this guy was taken care of. Fortunately, she worked for him. Sort of.

She was interning for a publicist who had taken on his deal to portray him in a better light. In fact, she'd been awake all day and night for the past two days working for the Brotherhood and her current company because of this man. Again, Blake didn't care. Soon, she would have to write about that a "good, influential" man he was. If he's so good, why does he have money on his head? She chuckled to herself as she made her way into a public library.

The smell of old books hit her nose, making it wrinkle a bit. She was more into technology than reading, but she said she would do research on the city, finding its secrets, and she'd left her laptop back in New York. Armed with her portfolio notepad and a cup of coffee, she began picking out books on Chicago and piling them onto a desk in the back of the room. One of these had to have something from the Order, but it wasn't always obvious. "Do I seriously have to shuffle all of these pages?" Blake grunted, skimming through each book and taking down notes in her scratchy handwriting.

After four books, she sat back and sighed loudly as she slid her hand through her dark hair, taking a sip of her coffee and sticking her nose into the next book. As she opened it, there was a mark of the Brotherhood. Finally! This was the book she was looking for. She started flipping through the pages, which were full of blueprints, maps, notes and diagrams of the city. Surprisingly, it was all recent. Of course it's recent, the Brotherhood's been here. She quickly scribbled the notes in shorthand and copied a couple maps before taking her cell phone out of the pocket of her romper to snap a few more, just in case she lost her notepad.

Closing the book, she slid it in front of her with another drawn out sigh, and set her head on the desk. Blake absentmindedly reached for her coffee, but realised it was empty. "Aw crap," she mumbled as she closed her eyes just for a second.
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PostSubject: Re: Research | Open |   Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:09 am

OOC: I know I should be saying this, as a mod should, but I must point out that your character must be approved before being allowed to roleplay. Very sorry about that, but you just have to be patient. This is all very good, and I would suggest keeping it here, then resume it once your character is approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Research | Open |   Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:22 am

((Just recently got approved!))
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PostSubject: Re: Research | Open |   

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Research | Open |
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