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 Samuel "Sam" Notts

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PostSubject: Samuel "Sam" Notts   Mon Nov 24, 2014 4:02 pm

Name: Samuel “Sam" Notts

Age: Dependent on Memory Accessed [Born September 1700]

Affiliation: Free Agent/Assassin[?]/Templar[?]

Appearance: Sam is thin and scrawny with scraggly brown hair that goes down to his shoulders. He has green eyes and is his face is usually dirtied up. His legs or arms are usually sporting scrapes and scratches from his many narrow escapes from an angry victim of his pickpocketing.

There is not much to be said about his clothing other than that it is mostly made up of rags and anything he’s been able to get his hands on, most of which are now torn and dirtied up.

Personality: Sam is adventurous, somewhat arrogant, and a quick thinker (although quick doesn’t necessarily equal the smartest decisions). He tends to outspoken and often spouts obscenities at any who try to and reprimand him for his actions or tell him he’s wrong. Despite this Sam’s younger age leaves makes him quite impressionable, those around him and things he experiences may alter who he is completely.

Favorite Weapons: N/A

• Survivor: Above all Sam is a survivor, willing to do whatever it takes to get a scrap of food and save his skin.
• Agile: He’s a dodgy sort, able to weave his way through crowds and lose most pursuers with ease.
• Fast Hands: To survive Sam would have to resort to theft and pickpocketing, something he came to excel in and master.

• Reckless: Sam’s young age comes with the added disadvantage of being naïve and foolhardy when it comes to decision-making.
• Outgunned: With no combat training whatsoever, he is useless in combat without the element of surprise and fighting tooth and nail.
• Blank Slate: Sam has no previous knowledge of the Assassin-Templar War, and so is susceptible to whichever Order reaches him first.


Samuel Notts was born in Kingston in January of 1700 to a young woman who had nothing in the world besides the life she was to give birth to. With no money to put food on the table she resorted to selling her body to the men of Kingston. This lasted until the winter of 1707 when her health fell into a rapid decline, eventually resulting in her death and the orphaning of young Samuel. With no money of his own and no one to look after him, Sam was presented with the choice to either starve or steal and survive. He chose the latter.

Several years later Samuel found himself starving and unable to get enough food in Kingston, forcing him to turn to the ships that were currently in port. Sneaking aboard he quickly found his way into the hold, coming upon a crate of oranges. After eating few, and pocketing a several more, Samuel was shocked to discover that the ship had left the port and Kingston was slowly retreating into the distance. Suffice to say the piece of orange currently in his mouth fell out of his gaping jaw. Samuel spent the next week and a half stowed away on the merchant ship living off the goods that were meant for trade and hiding himself away whenever a member of the crew came down into the hold.

In June 1714 Sam arrived in Nassau after sneaking off the merchant ship when it had come to dock there. He found that this was a place he was more able to liberally steal without a British soldier chasing him down, although if he was caught by whomever he was stealing from they would certainly try and cut his throat depending on their mood. Soon enough Samuel found a way to survive without the possibility of ending up dead in the sand or hanging by the fort and began to do work for the owner of the Old Avery, serving drinks and pickpocketing the coin of customers who refused to pay.

[Note: Samuel Notts is a name that has never come up as one of any importance in history, although a partially destroyed document recovered by Abstergo has determined he may have played a dynamic role in the Assassin-Templar War. Using the genetics of his ancestors, the hope is that more light will be shed on the history of what we now only know to be an orphan pickpocket.]
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Samuel "Sam" Notts
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