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 Dante Lewis Dosset

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PostSubject: Dante Lewis Dosset   Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:15 am

Name: Dante Lewis Dosett

Age: 28

Affiliation: Privateer and occasional smuggler

Dante has blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes that are as dark as the ocean floor. He stands at roughly 5 feet and 10 inches tall with a slim build. He has pale skin, pale to the point that people tend to assume he is ill. Through other people’s descriptions, his face seems to show signs of unrest and that he is starting to develop wrinkles all around his cheeks. He usually wears an oversized brown trenchcoat with two bullet holes on its sides, the origin of the holes is unknown, but rumors say that it was the leftovers of a brutal naval campaign against a group of Jamaican pirates. Inside the trenchcoat he wears a white shirt and a washed out maroon bowtie, the bowtie’s a gift from his deceased wife, he always remembers to wear it before going out. From the waist below, he wears a worn out black pants and a raggedy pair of fancy brown shoes. He also carries around an obsidian walking cane and a golden pocket watch, the two things that make him look more or less decent to the public eye.

If there’s one thing that Dante Lewis Dosset is known for, it’s his unique personality. He’s a cynic, with very few real relationships, Dosset displays on occasion a compassionate, humanist side to his personality, and is not afraid of risking his life for a heroic cause.

He finds making friends very easy, as well as establishing romantic links and relationships. However, a lot of people who associate with him often ends up rotting in the dirt or in prison, a fact that Dosset is fully aware of. When an assassin killed a man in front of him and asked Dosset if the man was his friend, Dosset replied “He’s dead isn’t he? Then yes, he must be.”

Favorite weapons:
  • Obsidian Walking Cane
  • Flintlock Pistol

  • Canne de Combat. Dosset has mastered the art of cane fighting and is most likely the only templar who uses this peculiar technique
  • Intelligence. Dosset is considered to be one of West Indie's "Greatest Mind," solving the biggest secrets with small or large amounts of data. He's also fluent in many different languages such as English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Chinese, and others. He has vast knowledge in literature, psychology, medicine, and anatomy. Dosset is also an excellent strategist and is always steps ahead of his opponents. This incredible ability is due to the fact he studies his opponents both physically and mentally.
  • Agility. Dosset's acrobatic skills combined with his agility makes him very hard to hit in a fight, and he combines them with his fighting skills to perform quickfire moves that can incacipate his opponent's body within seconds.
  • Marksmanship. Dosset was trained by the famous buccaneer Daniel "The Exterminator" Montbars in the use of weapons. He usully caries one flintlock pistol but he is also trained as a sniper.
  • Leadership. Dosset is one of West Indie's most feared and respected Templars. He has a crew and a ship called 'The Magpie' that would follow him to the depths of hell.
  • Indomitable Will. Dosset has resisted the effects of poison or sleeping darts and he once resisted the powers of a Piece of Eden.

  • Mental Disorder. Dosset suffers from severe psychosis that developed after many traumatizing experiences.
  • Weak Body. Dosset's body is not as well build as other privateers or pirates. He would most likely lose in a straight hand to hand combat, which is why he likes to keep his distance in a fight.

Historically, Dante Lewis Dosett was born in Great Britain on September 14th of 1690. His father was an author and his mother a spice trader, both were Grand Masters of the Templar Order. As a child, Dosset had no clue about the feud between the Templars and the Assassins. His parents made sure it stayed that way for as long as they can, they wanted him to have a normal life. Then on the night of December 12th 1695, a hooded man broke into the house and murdered his parents. He went out to call for help, but when the authorities finally came, it was too late.

After his parent's funeral, Dosset was reared by the family of his father's close colleague, Gideon Coxall. He lived in the growing city of New York with his daughter, Clara, whom Dosset had a romantic interest with. Gideon, as it turns out, was a polymath. He educated Dosset in the intricacies of politics, psychology, literature, the manners and bearing of a true gentleman, and was taught to read by Clara. When Dosset was finally old enough and ready, Gideon decided to train him to become a proper templar, just like his parents were.

Gideon told him the history of the Templar Order, going all the way back to the prehistoric era. The Assassins, the Pieces of Eden, the Ones Who Came Before, they all sounded surreal to Dosset's ears. He was about to dismiss it as a work of fiction until Gideon told him that the Assassins were responsible for his parent's death. Fueled by blind rage, Dosset immediately accepted his offer and participated in the harsh and cruel training of the Templars. He finished it sufficiently in under three years, becoming a Grand Master of the Order not long after that.

In the 23rd of February, 1910. Dosset and Clara got married and moved to a small but beautiful house somewhere in the town of Greenwich. He was leading a happy life and had already went on many adventures with other members of the Templar Order such as: Cassius Alton Crawford, Haytham Kenway, Benjamin Hornigold, Daniel Montbars, Woodes Rogers, and Galen Atticus Leopolde. It is believed that the Templars firm position in the West Indies was the result of Dosset's constant dedication and contribution---raiding Assassin's outpost, leading naval campaigns, smuggling precious goods---it was all just a game to him.

Three years have passed, Dosset received an anonymous tip about the location of the Assassin that was responsible for his parent's murder. He was transporting a Piece of Eden to an Assassin hideout on the Island of Antigua. Without giving it a second thought, Dosset gathered his crew and two of his most trusted friends, Galen and Cassius, to raid the island. They waited until the sun had settled before launching a surprise attack with three ships and about two hundred crew members. It was a massacre.

The battle was shortlived. The Assassins were caught by surprise and were given no chance whatsoever to set up their defenses. A few of them managed to escape, but most of them are either dead or captured. The Assassin who had killed Dosset's parents attempted to escape, but he was shot in the kneecap by Galen who was perched in one of the nearby watchtowers. Grounded with nowhere to go, he was forced to surrender.

Dosset interrogated the Assassin like a hungry wolf, draining the answers out with fear, or sometimes with force. The Assassin told him that he never meant to kill his parents, it was supposed to be a steal and run mission. He was tasked to retrieve the Piece of Eden called "The Bloodseeker" that his parent's were guarding. It was a Piece of Eden with the power to create chaos amongst armies by infecting the people who are near it with an insatiable bloodlust. Unfortunately for him, something had activated the Piece of Eden when he broke into Dosset's house, infecting his parents. The only way to stop the effect was to give it blood from different individuals. The Assassin had no choice, he had to kill them. Dosset was sure he was telling the truth after analyzing his voice and facial expressions as he talked. But he still killed his parents and justice demands to be served. Once he has finished the interrogation, Dosset shot the Assassin right in the head and went back to his ship.

Galen and Cassius had already ordered the crew to organize all the loot they gathered from the ruins of the hideout by the time Dosset got back. The chest hidden with the Piece of Eden was marked with strange symbols and unknown languages and was placed near the tail of the ship along with the rest of the loot. Dosset had no interest in it, he had bigger things in mind. He was beginning to express doubt towards the Order and the Creed. Both preach about fighting for peace but all they've left in their trails were war and destruction.

These Pieces of Eden aren't an instrument of piece, no, it is far from it. The only way for the world to be safe is for everupme to not meddle with them. They are better left undisturbed or destroyed. After the raid, Dosset sailed to the antlatic sea and threw "The Bloodseeker" overboard. No-one should ever lay their hands on it ever again. He is now hellbent on finding every piece to keep it far away from the wrong hands. Templars, Assassins, it doesn't matter. He is only doing what he thinks is right and that's enough of a reason for him.

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PostSubject: Re: Dante Lewis Dosset   Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:49 pm

Accepted, have fun!
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Dante Lewis Dosset
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