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 Nathan Salazar

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PostSubject: Nathan Salazar   Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:32 am

Name: Nathan Salazar

Age: 23

Affiliation: Assassin; Free Agent


    Sex: Male
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Dark Brown

Personality: Initially reserved, becomes more out-going and friendly the more he gets to know someone. However, as a trained infiltrator he is instinctively quiet, often not speaking unless spoken to (even then he more listens). Hard to read, hard to keep track of, easy to talk to at least.

Favorite Weapons: Twin Telescope Batons
    Equipment List:

  • 1 26in Telescopic Baton

  • 1 21in Telescopic Baton

  • 1 Military CQC Knife

  • 1 RUGER SR22

  • 1 LASERMAX Attachment

  • 1 Silencer

  • 2 Polyurethane Hidden Blades

Strengths: Great overall fighter; Adept in Judo and Kickboxing; High stamina; Infiltration



  • As an overall fighter:

  • He can be taken down quickly by multiple opponents (X3 or more)

  • As an infiltration unit:

  • Doesn't wear a lot of armor, so guns and knives pose a very high threat


  • While almost stoic in his demeanor, he is not to be messed with. When pushed to far, he goes into fits of rage. While rare, his fits make him a danger to his environment and himself

  • Abandonment Issues


    Shortly after Nathan was born his father walked out on their family, and shortly after that his mother had died in a house fire. With no immediate or estranged family or home, he was left to the care of old friends of his mother, the Ortiz family. The Ortiz's lived a quite life, and now, so did Nathan. He was now forced in with a new dad, Manuel, a new mother, Donna, and a new sister, Samantha, in a small three bedroom apartment.

    A short three years of suburbia were given to him; Manuel was being transferred to Chicago. After packing his few belongings, saying goodbye to his single friend, and visiting the remains of his old house, he bid farewell to Granger, Indiana. By now he was six, barely beginning to understand the world around him, now uprooted and moved for a second time in his life.

   After moving to Chicago, there was already trouble. Being the new kid is tough, being the new kid in town is even worse. After a fight (more of a beating) in school, Manuel decided that Nathan should be able to defend himself. And so, unbeknownst to him, his training had begun. After ten years of training, Nathan, began to wonder, "Why does a simple desk worker know all of this?" He asked Manuel, hoping for an answer, but instead, he was told, "Because, it was once taught to me." Unsatisfied with his answer, Nathan waited for his chance for REAL answers. Knowing that Manuel had a late-night job, he sat in his room staring down his clock. Until he heard the same thing he always hears, Manuel saying goodbye. In an attempt not to be noticed he goes out the window and down the fire escape. Knowing he beat the elevator down, he waited in the alley, peeking past the corner expecting Manuel. After ten minutes, instead of Manuel, he gets a man in a black jacket with a strange hood. Normally he would've ignored him, but Manuel is the only person who leaves this building so late at night, so he follows who he presumes is Manuel.

    Finally reaching his destination, the hooded man, stops in front of a clearly abandoned apartment complex. Scanning the area around him, the man cautiously walks inside. Continuing his tail, Nathan follows after. A rather bad idea. As soon as he's through the door, he is grabbed by two big, armed, men, both wearing white jackets with a similar hood. He was then dragged upstairs and thrown through a door onto a concrete floor. Looking up, he sees six hooded men. They look back at him, then at each other, silent, until one speaks, "This is him then?"

    "Yes, it's him. I noticed him when I got here," another man said with a familiar voice.

    "You're certain he's good enough?"

    "His mother was. And I have personally made sure he was even better," the other man spoke again, "Oh, Nathan, you're clearly confused, let me make this easier for you," he took down his hood to reveal it was indeed Manuel, "Welcome home."

    After that everything was explained to him. How his mother was murdered by The Templars, who Manuel really was, why his family was seemingly so boring, and who The Assassin's were. Post explanation, Nathan had decided that he would join, the cause seemed good, he was already training, and if his mom really was murdered, then he was going to end the man responsible.

    Fast forward five years, by now Nathan is 21, in a romantic relationship with Samantha (Much to Manuel's dismay), and just finished his training. He was being sent out in an actual assignment. Simple mission, the same mission they give to every new graduate, kill a Templar. That's it. The hard part was done. The target had been found, confirmed, and scheduled. The mission went smoothly. He had his first kill. Just another two years of this, now he has to find his own target...
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PostSubject: Re: Nathan Salazar   Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:09 am


There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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Nathan Salazar
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