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 John Hawley

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PostSubject: John Hawley   Sat Oct 04, 2014 2:01 pm

Name: John Hawley

Mission Type: (ex: assassination, escort, eavesdropping) eavesdropping assassination

Affiliation: Free agent Templars

Description: (Noticeable features; scars, dark hair, certain attire, a certain accent) John is most often seen wearing a trench coat and a silver wide banded ring around his ring finger. He has a long scar on his face, possibly from a sword, running from his left jaw bone to the top of his left eye. He speaks with an English accent.

Mission Details: John has been seen with whom we believe to be a Templar merchant. They plan on meeting again at midnight to avoid suspicion. You are to eavesdrop on their conversation. Then when John is alone, kill him without being detected. You must remain unseen during the assassination and your escape.
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John Hawley
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