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 Eric "Eclipse" Smith

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PostSubject: Eric "Eclipse" Smith   Mon Sep 29, 2014 2:52 pm

Eric Smith AKA Eric "Eclipse"




Eric isn't real tall. He stands at 5'6" and has long, black hair that compliments emerald green eyes. He is seen wearing dark red assassin's robes accented with black.

Eric is quite bubbly and easy going when there's nothing to do. However, he seems to take on a completely different personality altogether when he receives a mission. Some say that he seems to go through an eclipse in personalities, which is how he got his nickname Eric "Eclipse".

Favorite Weapons:
Hidden Blade
Bow and arrow

He's a strong Marksman as well as a dead on shooter with the pistol.

Physically, he was wounded on his first contract at age fifteen. He bears a scar across his right shoulder which proves a great target for enemies.
Psychologically, he went through emotional stress when his father was killed. His symptoms include restlessness. He can't seem to fall asleep normally and requires aid by music.

Eric was one of those who was born into the Brotherhood. At age five, when he lost his mother, the Brotherhood took him in and began to train him. At age ten, he lost his father to Templars and he went through a traumatic experience. This left a scar on the boy's emotions and made him unable to sleep unless music was played. After the events, he continued his training and was sworn in at age Fifteen. This was also when he received his first contract. It was a simple one. He was to eavesdrop on a couple of Templars and to exit the area undetected. However, on his way out he was discovered and was forced to fight his way out. He was wounded badly across his shoulder and this created a weak spot.

At ages sixteen to his twentieth birthday, he was forced into hiding after his home den was attacked and the assassins who lived there were flushed out and either killed or imprisoned and executed. Now he has made a den in Cincinnati his new home.
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Eric "Eclipse" Smith
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