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 Peter Tennith

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Friend of the Forum

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PostSubject: Peter Tennith   Thu Aug 28, 2014 7:00 pm

Name: Peter Tennith

Age: 39-46 (depending on what year exactly the roleplay takes place in the War)

Affiliation: Free agent, WWI veteran.

Appearance: Blue eyes with dark brown hair in a nice short parting to the left (depending on when exactly the roleplay takes place, he also has his hair turning grey at the sides) with a clean shaven face. Can usually be seen wearing a normal extremely dark blue (almost black) suit with a white tuxedo shirt with the collar up but ends of the collar down (if you get what I mean, dunno what the actual name of it is), a suit vest the same colour as the rest of his suit, an unbuttoned extremely dark blue suit jacket and a black tie along with extremely dark blue trousers and black slip on shoes or can be wearing the same suit except completely in black aside from the shirt.

Personality:  Is usually quite serious but kind to those he loves and trusts and shows a sense of humor when around them and them only. However he typically has a very "not caring" kind of attitude towards those he doesn't know, even though he truly does care for their safety if they aren't German. He almost never seeks approval of his actions that he does and is not entirely trustworthy with doing the absolutely right thing. Peter can also show a very, very dark side towards himself, where he is a lot more serious and very merciless when confronted by someone he truly despises (a Nazi is one example).

Favorite Weapons: A Browning HP (usually with a suppressor attached) and a standard issue military knife

Strengths: A lot of experience and training in combat, both hand to hand and with weapons while being trained in stealth.

Weaknesses: Suffered from shellshock in WW1 and can still get relapses of it if he hears or sees explosions, tends to rarely like any germans and shows little mercy when his dark side comes out.

Background/Biography: Peter was born on September 18th 1899, in London, England to two middle class Scottish parents who moved there 9 months before. Peter lived the normal life of any Scottish kid as was expected. Until of course,  the day 28th July 1914 came, the official date of the beginning of what at the time was known as the Great War. And then all of the hype starting to happen with all of the posters of Kitchener going "I WANT YOU!" and just in general a whole bunch of propaganda which Peter being 13, believed in all of it's entirety.

He believed it so much that he illegally joined the British army in late 1916, at the age of 17 and survived the harsh conditions in the trenches and survived getting shot by enemy Germans all until it became too much for him in March 1918, when he suffered shellshock and was taken out of the army before getting therapy for his shellshock. Peter stayed there and recovered for only a month before even though he still was not very healthy, he still was forced to rejoin the army and only barely survived WWI with his life.
Peter came back to his family not the same man, just drifting from year to year in his house, before he actually got a job and started to be able to pay for himself. Peter then got married to a woman named Jane, who had dark brown hair in 1929, before having twins. Peter and his family lived a nice normal life for almost an entire decade...but of course, as Peter was going to learn, anything good that happened in his life would only be a sign of what truly was to come.

On 1st September, 1939 it was announced that the Second World War had officially started. Since Peter himself had a job of being a Police officier, he was allowed to stay in the UK, which he decided to do as he thought the war would be exactly like WWI, and refused to go through that experience again. This however, only lasted 3 months and he decided that he had to go fight once again. Due to his own experience as a soldier. Peter remained as a soldier in the UK army however for only 9 months, before the Blitz started. Peter's wife refused to let her children and her mvoe away from the house for reasons which even to this day, Peter does not know. And having responded to the air raid too late, Peter's house was blown up on September 26th, 1940...with Peter's family inside it.
Peter then heard of the news pretty quickly, and was allowed to go on temporary military leave to mourn his family. After hearing about how they died, Peter then vowed that he and he alone would find some way to make sure that Hitler and the Nazi's had any chance of winning. After vowing this, Peter went AWOL and went on his own, abandoning the British army and going his own way to fight the Germans in ways they couldn't, going everywhere in Europe whether it be France or Germany itself.

Will Peter do this and remain as a free agent? Or will he maybe meet the Assassins and join them in attempting it?

Only time...will tell.

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PostSubject: Re: Peter Tennith   Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:30 am


There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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Friend of the Forum
Friend of the Forum

Posts : 177
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PostSubject: Re: Peter Tennith   Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:15 am

Thank you. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Peter Tennith   

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Peter Tennith
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