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 Ted Marshall

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PostSubject: Ted Marshall   Wed Aug 20, 2014 9:09 am

Name: Ted Marshall
Aliases: The Omega


Affiliation: Assists the assassins although not part of their order

Appearance: At just under 6 foot Ted stands at an average height his brown shoulder length hair is left to its own devices and his deep brown eyes seem almost black. Has a scar from the top of his head over his right eye to his cheek but this is rarely seen as he always wears a black fabric mask with a large red Omega sign as the mouth when on a task. Relatively thin but surprisingly strong for his size. Wears black fleece pants and a black hoodie or old styled trenchcoat

Personality: fun and joking ted rarely misses the opportunity for a joke, or a fight. He is bitter towards the templars and so assists the assassin's when he can. although ready to crack a joke he is calculating planning almost everything in specific detail and when something doesn't happen just right he is prone to loose it.  

Favorite Weapons: A ornamental hidden blade, silenced L115a3 (sniper rifle)

Strengths: infiltration, sniping from a distance, planning and parkour

Weaknesses: terrible hand to hand or close range fighter, gets extremely angry when things don't go his way, doesn't trust easily and is inexperienced with electronics

Background/Biography: Raised in Australia Ted moved to New York at the age of 16 after fleeing his abusive home. He found life extremely difficult until meeting a man named who called himself John. John took Ted under his wing and after a year of teaching him many valuable 'life skills' such as lock-picking, parkour and weapons handling revealed to Ted his involvement in the Assassin Order. John tried to introduce Ted to his brotherhood but Ted refused this life and once again ran away from his life. For the next two years Ted built a name for himself as The Omega stealing from Abstergo Executives and upon discovering how much the Assassins were in trouble he refound John and proposed he help them while remaining outside the Order. Upon first entering the assassin hideout he questioned John about the amount of strange weaponry and John replied "Most of it is centuries old and useless but it is sentimental" which Ted responded to with "So they're ornaments?". John laughed and continued showing him around.

Only a month later Ted was caught by Templar agents and tortured to give information on the assassins. He was subjected to electroshock, induced comas and deformation of his face upon other things but never revealed his colleagues. After a successful breakout of the facility where he was being held he and a group of assassins could not find their old group so connected with another. While not part of the order the lead assassin acknowledged Ted's assistance in the escape as well as other operations and allowed him to assist once more. Thinking John had been captured or killed made Ted resent the Templars even more until he received a package containing an ornamental hidden blade and a message "Ornaments with a few modifications."
He has continued assisting the assassins in increasing degrees of significance since.
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PostSubject: Re: Ted Marshall   Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:10 am

Approved Very Happy

There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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Ted Marshall
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