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 Character Application: Saverio Vesspucci

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PostSubject: Character Application: Saverio Vesspucci   Tue Jul 08, 2014 8:14 pm

Name: Saverio Vesspucci

Age: 19

Affiliation: Assassin

Appearance: Standing at six feet, the young Assassin appears to be a fully-developed man of mid-twenties ( in others eyes ). His arms, like his gauntlets, are incredibly powerful and his lean, muscular form is not something one wishes to underestimate. Regardless of his disinclination for physical confrontation, Saverio attempts to portray an intimidating figure in order to avoid coercion and needling. Considering his eyes are dreamy, galaxy-blue and orbit round; identical to his fathers. They often assist with the façade he attempts to put forth. Always calculating and sharp, Saverio is constantly aware of his surroundings even when shaded by his kohl-black hair that sometimes get in the way beneath his hood.

Personality: Saverio is ambitious when it comes to doing his duty as an assassin. Though, he is compassionate, loving, caring when it comes to the people he loves.. Well known with the ladies. Some say he can charm the birds out from the trees. ( Absent the wine.. )

Favorite Weapons: Throwing knives, hidden blades ( which comes with his gauntlets ) and his dual gladiuses

Strengths: agile, swordsmanship and pain endurance.  

Weaknesses: Saverio sometimes lets emotions get in the way of his work and he is easily aggravated.

Background/Biography: Saverio was born in Florence in 1460. His family was poor and as he grew older he eventually became a thief. Stealing from the food stalls and pick-pocketing. Sometimes that wasn't enough and he had to go without for a day or two. But Saverio trained daily with a stick upon a wooden beam, swinging this feeble bit of wood against this firmer beam scarred his hands. Each scar he remembered as a lesson and so over the years he became more competent with a sword, exchanging wood to steel, stolen from a guards post as he was sleeping on his job.

There was one time when Saverio was caught stealing bread from the market place. He was chased over a bridge and down a narrow corridor of houses where it came to a dead end. Close to death from a rapid beating of metal against raw flesh, daggers flew down to their necks and heads. A man dropped from from the ceiling above, a man with a hood covering his face. An assassin who took him into his home, taught him how to become one of him. As the years went by Saverio grew ambitious of removing poverty from his city. To become the one who stops the suffering of the poor, this goal grew stronger by training.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Application: Saverio Vesspucci   Sun Jul 20, 2014 4:01 pm

Approved Very Happy

There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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Character Application: Saverio Vesspucci
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