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 Edward Fink | Assassin

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PostSubject: Edward Fink | Assassin   Fri Jun 27, 2014 8:59 am

Name: Edward Fink

Age: 18

Affiliation: Assassin, Pirate- Jackdaw, Death-tide

Appearane: Edward wore black a black coat with a white hood with white and red accents. He wore  black leather vestments, boots and bracers. Later this armour would be handed down, or more taken, by his son James. Edward had an angular face that was regularly covered in dirt and scars from his many skirmishes. He had short brown hair that was parted, although bits would usually stick out everywhere.

Personality: Edward is a cocky, brave and sure man. He is always the first in a fight at the bar and is the first one to board the enemy ship in a battle

Favourite Weapons:
- Pirate Scimitars | Taken and upgraded from his first ship take Edwards swords are big and brutal
- 4 Pistols | You can usually tell when Edward is pissed, because he will use all 4 of his deadly guns
- Hidden Blades | Although he became detached from the creed Edward still kept and used his hidden blades
- Blowpipe | Allthough not that great with the stealth he does still enjoy using his blowpipe for stealth missions

Jackdaw | The ship captained by the great Edward Kenway. When Edward Fink came to the West-Indies he became a part of the crew on this ship
Death-Tide | Edward Fink's frigate that he stole straight from an English crew from the docks in Kingston along with some new crewmates. This ship is big fast and deadly. It is fitted with many hull and top-side cannons and 2 mortars.

- Strength | Because of his time pulling ropes and fighting off the Spanish and English forces in a boarding Edward is extremely good at swordplay and also can climb for long times without tiring
- Bravery | Because of Edwards personality he will never back down from a fight
- Hand to Hand combat | Because of his strength and his many bar fights Edward is almost unstoppable in a punch-up and if caught off guard can still fight off his enemy.

- Cockyness | Edwards cockyness can sometimes lead him to underestimate the enemy
- Alcohol addiction | Edward will never turn down a bit of rum, although it can lead him into some trouble when he gets into a fight in the tavern; his strength may become a weakness

Background: Edward was trained by his father as an assassin and quickly became very profficient in their ways. He quickly became one of the best recruits in England although he never really enjoyed the life. He left home and sailed to the newlands in the West Indies. There he started to become involved in Piracy due to his greed and his skills and he became a part of the crew of Edward Kenway. When Kenway became involved with the assassins there and told him of the Templar presence Edward Fink also came back to the assassin lifestyle and started to work for them, although he was still involved in piracy, gaining his own ship, Death-tide.

After his time in the caribbean Edward made his way back to England where he married and had a son, James (Link in signature). Edward befriended the king and when he died he was one of the claimants to the throne. The Templars in England were eager to put their man into power so they assassinated Edward leading to the events that would lead to his son, James' new life in America.
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PostSubject: Re: Edward Fink | Assassin   Fri Jun 27, 2014 4:59 pm

Sounds a bit like Kenway aye ;D
Either way, approved

There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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Edward Fink | Assassin
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