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 Lilian Conrart

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PostSubject: Lilian Conrart   Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:04 pm

Name: Lilian Conrart

Age: 24

Affiliation: Assassin (In guise as a Pirate)

Appearance: Long black hair that reaches past her waist but is tied into a tight braid down her back, making it then reach the mid of her back as well as having messy bangs shading her face, often times hiding her emerald eyes. She has light yet fair skin with just a hint of a tan. She stands at 5'3" with well toned arms and legs, but also retaining her femininity.
Here attire -
Is this:
But more black and yellow with a hint of white, the shirt also being white. She also does not wear a hat at all but a simple bandanna with a black and white floral design upon it.

Personality: Lilian is a girl who had gone through much and has still been able to retain her kind and almost innocent demeanor. Even after seeing her parents' dead bodies, she can still see the bright side of things and pull through even what would be considered the darkest of times. But she can also be aggressive when she wants to be as well as intimidating. She is open-minded and considerate of others, often always putting others above herself.

Favorite Weapons: Hidden blade, pistols and darts.

Strengths: She is strong and can handle herself well in a fight as well as climb almost as good as a monkey. She feels natural when climbing, be it the trees in the jungles or buildings in a town. She feels at peace when up high and able to look down to see the ground far away from her. She is also well trained with her hidden blade and the duel pistols she carries around.

Weaknesses: As she had seen her parents' dead bodies at a young age, she has been scarred because of it and as such, she tries her hardest to never see anyone she cares about in such a state again and this results in herself being put into harms way more often times than not. She has trouble fighting against people who also use guns, be they pistols or rifles for she is unable to aim and dodge a bullet at the same time. As she does get into the mode of 'fight or flight', more often times she would go for fight, even when the odds are not so much into her favor, which results in herself getting her in some way because of it.

Background/Biography: Lilian lived her life as normal as any person in a town of pirates could. Not long after she was born, her parents had moved towns away from England to find a place in which they could live peacefully, as her father had been a pirate before meeting her mother. The three of them lived within this town, somewhere within the Caribbean, often visited by pirates and protected by them as well. She grew up playing with the other children there, often thinking themselves as pirates as well. However, this harmony did not last. When she was 16, an attack was launched upon this quiet town. She and many other children were hidden away within the many caves that dotted the beach and around the town. Lilian, worried for her family, strayed to the edge of the cave to peek out. Seeing the death and carnage before her, she was shocked to see the blood running along the beach and into the sea.

It was many hours before the fight was over and the men departed from their town. The children came out of the cave upon a call from one of the adults and many children rushed to their parents. Lilian however, never reunited with her mother and father. It was while she was walking the beach, looking at the dead bodies lined up for burial that she did find her father. His face frozen into a twisted expression of pain, blood splattered upon his face and chest. Lilian was frozen upon seeing her father in such a manner and when attempting to look away, she saw her mother laying next to him. Tears formed in her eyes as she saw her mother laying there dead with her father, bloodied almost beyond recognition. Torn with pain and anger, she ran from the beach into the forest, running without stopping.

It was this way that she found her way to ancient ruins. She ventured through it, trying to wipe her tears away. And upon hearing a sound within the wilderness, she was frozen in fear that she might be eaten by the predators that were sure to be venturing the ruins. But to her relief, a man within white walked out, watching her. He cautiously approached, speaking in a language she could not understand. She suddenly felt afraid once more and backed away from this man, who raised his arms in caution, trying to to frighten her. It was then that he spoke in a language she understood. He told her that he was friend and he would cause her no harm. It was then that she broke down in tears, feeling the full frontal of what had happened to her. The man counseled her and he told her he would take care of her, for she was lost and needed guidance. And so he took her with him onto a ship and to a faraway place. It was there that she was trained as an Assassin and began her journey to fight against the Templars.
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PostSubject: Re: Lilian Conrart   Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:22 am

But this is great. Approved

There is a slim chance you already know me from here Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Lilian Conrart   Thu Jun 19, 2014 7:28 am

It's alright, I'm patient ^^ And thanks, it was a lot of fun making her.
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PostSubject: Re: Lilian Conrart   

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Lilian Conrart
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